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Project Time Management Workshops

Effective 1 Day Planning and Scheduling Workshops

"Focus and simplicity! Simple can be harder than complex.
You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple."

Steve Jobs

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Workshop learning objectives
Workshop outline

PTM Workshop Learning Objectives

Project Time Management Workshops

Without effective project time management there can be no effective resource management, cost management or delay management!

This intensive one-day workshop is focused on defining the standards by which project schedules should be prepared, quality controlled, updated, reviewed and revised by an effective project scheduler.
It is designed to help planners and schedulers who know how to use their software effectively, move up to the next level of developing and using schedules that proactively contribute to the timely completion of complex projects.

is designed to be a valuable skills development process for working schedulers who want to move beyond simply processing data in a scheduling tool, and elevate their planning and scheduling practice to a more advanced level by focusing on the skills and knowhow needed to use the schedule to make a positive contribution to successful project delivery.

The workshop contributes to a 'Blended' course for the PMI-SP credential.

On completion of the workshop, trainees will understand the importance of implementing effective schedule planing and control techniques in a structured way that directly involves the project stakeholders. The course is effective as a stand alone workshop designed to elevate the trainees planning and scheduling practice to a more advanced level focused on achieving positive project outcomes, or as the foundation for on-going study towards achieving the:

Additional study is required by PMI for eligibility to sit the PMI-SP examination.

This workshop is consistent with the CIOB Guide to Good Practice in the Management of Time in Complex Projects, the PMI Practice Standard for Scheduling and the PMBOK® Guide.

It's just one dam project after another!
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Mosaic is a PMI Approved

Registered Education Provider

PMI-SP Eligibility and  Exam fees:

Visit our PMI-SP credential page.
Supported Credential Courses:
This workshop is the initial classroom phase of Mosaic's PMI-SP Blended credential courses
  • PMI Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP) credential. The PMI-SP credential is aimed at senior planners, PMO and planning managers with a minimum of three years scheduling experience. For more information visit our PMI-SP credential page.
For both courses, this workshop covers modules 1 to 4 of the course (Modules 1 to 5 are the same for both courses).

Guide to Good Practice in the Management of Time in Complex Projects
The Guide is the core reference used to develop this course, it has been developed as a scheduling reference document capable of wide application and is the foundation text for this workshop and the CIOB PTMC examination.

It is a practical treatise on the processes to be followed and standards to be achieved in effective management of time. It can be used in any jurisdiction, under any form of contract, with any type of project and should be identified as the required standard for the preparation and updating of contract programs, progress reporting and time management.

To buy a copy, visit our Book Sales page.

Note: A free copy of The Guide is included in the fees for this workshop.
Time Management Training Modules
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- Project Time Management Workshop Outline -
How To: develop an effective schedule

This intensive workshop lays out the basis for an effective planning and scheduling practice.   It is based on the PMI Practice Standard for Scheduling and the CIOB 'Guide to Good Practice in the Management of Time in Complex Projects'  plus other key references. The workshop covers:

Design and Structure your Road Map
  1. Basic framework of a schedule:
    Purpose = communication not control, Understand audience, Optimum update cycle, Role of the scheduler
  2. Activities & Milestones:
    Milestones, Attributes of an activity, Durations
  3. Logic Links:
    Rules of logic, Link types (FS/SS/FF/SF - Progressive feed - AP and Ladders - Mandatory/discretionary/external), Leads and Lags, Problems with links
  4. Schedule Design:
    Planning -v- scheduling, Heuristics size, Schedule Levels , What-if scenarios
Analyse the Schedule
  1. Schedule Design:
    Planning -v- scheduling, Heuristics size, Schedule Levels , What-if scenarios
  2. Basic calculations:
    Forward Pass, Back Pass, Integers -v- elapsed time
  3. Free Float & Total Float:
    Calculations and definitions, Using float wisely
  4. Uncertainty:
    PERT and Monte Carlo, Probability and contingency, Logic and Duration issues
Resources and Tools
  1. What is a resource:
    Cost (using resources incurs costs), Capability (resources do the work), Stakeholder / team member (need communication and motivation)
  2. Resource levelling:
    Smoothing, Levelling, Resource levelled schedule (No float – balanced by time - Critical resources & resource float)
  3. Resource problems:
    Motivation & productivity (Critical Chain / Viper), Schedule compression (Fast tracking / Crashing)
  4. Scheduling tools and methods:
    ADM / PDM / PERT, History of scheduling,
    Software tools (Presentation / Project focus / EPM focus),
    Schedule assessment (PMI Practice Standard for Scheduling),
    Emerging ideas (RDM, Momentology, Complexity)

Maintaining the Schedule
  1. Schedule baselines
  2. Updating the schedule:
    Status the schedule, Update the schedule
  3. Reporting options:
    Variance reports, Trend reports (Earned Schedule), Management Reports (Milestone trends), Team reports
  4. Data management:
    Version control, Change management, Photo diaries & records
  5. Allied processes and options:
    WBS / OBS / Control Accounts, Earned Value, Line of Balance & Chainage Charts

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Key  Resources

The Guide

Included in
course fees
Buy the Book

PMI Practice Standard for Scheduling

Buy the Standard

All workshop attendees will be provided with a course workbook, a copy of the CIOB Guide to Good Practice in the Management of Time in Complex Projects and references to an extensive library of papers to assist planners and schedulers develop their skills, and the managers of planners and schedulers appreciate the direct linkage between ‘good scheduling’ practice and the successful delivery of any project or program.

The ideas and practices discussed during this practical workshop 
are applicable to any schedule, developed using any software tool, to provide a framework that today’s schedulers can use to build their careers; and that project, program, PMO, and other senior managers can use to improve the scheduling practice within their organisations.
-  The contents of this workshop are aligned with the PMI PMP and CAPM examination requirements (Time Management).
-  For a range of free planning and scheduling resources visit our Planning & Scheduling Home Page
Why train with Mosaic:
  • Professional training organisation - we are a professional business focused on delivering high quality training. Mosaic is a CIOB Approved training organisation, and a PMI approved, Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.).
  • Decades of experience managing major projects in the 'real world'. We bring this internationally recognised experience into our training courses.
  • CIOB member for over 35 years - we are actively involved in the development of the PTM framework and The Guide.
  • PMI members for over 25 years - we understand how PMI works.
  • Successful trainers since 1999 - our courses are guaranteed to work!
  • Personal service - by design we are a small business focused on providing an excellent level of service to our trainees. See more on our approach to course development.
  • Cost effective - you don't have to join anything to take advantage of our low costs. 
  • Free PM Knowledge - an extensive reference library to back up our training and for general use, see:
Your Trainers
We run our courses, ourselves. Scheduling workshops are run by Patrick.

Patrick Weaver Patrick Weaver PMP, PMI-SP, FAICD, FCIOB.
Patrick has over thirty five years experience in the Project Management industry and has been a CIOB member since 1971 and a PMI member for over 25 years.  His career initially focused on the planning and managing of construction and engineering projects. The last twenty years has seen his businesses and experience expand to include the successful implementation of project controls in a range of government, defence, ICT and business environments and the development of a range of sophisticated training options.

He is an internationally recognised expert in project time management and has been actively involved with the work undertaken by the CIOB to develop ‘The Guide’, the PTMC credential and the associated new form of contract. These three interlinked components are designed to make the effective management of time an achievable reality across all forms of complex project.

Patrick is
the Managing Director of Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd.
Dr Lynda Bourne Dr. Lynda Bourne DPM, PMP, FAIM, FACS.
Lynda is an internationally recognised consultant, author and trainer. She has extensive experience as a Senior Project Manager and Project Director specialising in delivery of IT and other business-related projects and has worked as a Senior IT Project Management Consultant.  

Lynda is Director of Professional Services with Mosaic Project Services and the Managing Director and CEO of Stakeholder Management Pty Ltd.
See Lynda's CV
Follow Lynda: 

1 Day workshop earns:  PMI PDUs = 7   &   AIPM CPD Points = 5
(Cat. A19)
(PDU information: R.E.P.# 1705, Course ID: 101003)

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