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Blended Project Management Training

"I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganising; and a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralisation."
Petronius Arbiter [circa A.D. 60]

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Blended Training - Practical PMP and Practical CAPM (Corporate groups only - recommend 6 to 8 people minimum)

Mosaic's 'Practical' courses use a carefully structured ‘Blended’ delivery system designed to optimise classroom time and the overall learning process. Workshop days at the beginning and end of the program are complemented by a number of weekly cycles of ‘Mentored Email’™ based learning. This combination of face-to-face and self-paced learning offers the ideal combination of delivery options for mature students as well as providing a very time effective solution for busy people needing to balance career development with work pressures and a social life.

The 'Introductory Workshop' is a full day. This workshop is designed to set the scene and develop group rapport for the balance of the course. The day is used to teach some key topics that benefit from the use of a white board and face-to-face instruction including critical path analysis (CPA) as well as allowing the group’s mentor and trainees to get to know each other and ground rules for the balance of the course are established.

During the 'distance' component of the course, modules are forwarded on a weekly basis via Mosaic's Mentored Email™ system. Each module includes the delivery of reference materials, followed by test questions and feedback on the answers provided. The three components of each module are designed to work together to reinforce the student's learning.

As the course progresses, questions test the student's knowledge of previous modules as well as the current one. Regular feedback is provided to each trainee showing their overall score against each of the topics. This helps highlight areas of strength and areas needing more study. An email based support service is available to help trainees with any questions they may have and to provide additional guidance as needed. The course materials build into a comprehensive manual for revision and future reference. As part of the course fees, you are provided with a complete index system and (within Australia) two binders to store the printouts from each module.

A mid course support day (3 Hrs) in included with some courses, this session helps to reinforce the group and provide a friendly place to ask questions and discuss topics of interest.

The final workshop day is designed to round off the training. All of the topics are covered in an intensive revision session, followed by a trail examination and the opportunity for trainees to ask as many questions as needed. This session rounds out the course and facilitates any last questions and discussion points prior to the trainees sitting their examination. The other major advantage of the last day is to set a deadline for the completion of the self-paced component of the course, we know this helps many of our students to wrap up their learning! The format for each of the workshops is structured as a normal Classroom Training day.

Passing your examination requires skill in answering PMI's multiple choice questions - the 300+ questions included in this course provides all of the practice needed to hone your skills and maximise you chance of success (PMP courses also include a 30 day licence to Mosaic's PM Final online exam simulator).

After the final day, Mosaic's email support remains open to all trainees until they pass their examination.

The power of this course is the effective combination of:

Mosaic courses with a "Blended" delivery option are:

Note:- All email courses require the trainee to have access to an email system capable of receiving 'locked' PDF and Excel files (the 'lock' prevents alterations - printing is always enabled).


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