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Mentored Email™ PMP® and CAPM®
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"Wisdom is knowing when to avoid perfection."

Mosaic's Mentored Email™ Training is available World-Wide

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Training for the PMI PMP and CAPM Examinations. Self-Paced, Distance Education but you don't burn money 'on-line' and you work with your personal mentor, not an anonymous 'help-desk'.

Full Course Schedule

Click to see our classroom schedule for Melbourne, Australia 

 Courses starting after 1st October 2015 will be aligned to the PMP exam update effective from the 11th January 2016. 
Full Course Schedule
Course Headlines and Highlights

Eligible Training hours:
As a PMI approved 
Global Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) Mosaic's CAPM and PMP training courses are pre-approved by PMI - our training certificate issued on completion of your Mentored Email™ course is automatically accepted by PMI for:

  • 23 Hrs of training for CAPM candidates.
  • 35 Hrs of training for PMP candidates.
Course Fees:
Mosaic's Mentored Email course fees are:
Delivery Methodology:
Mosaic's Mentored Email™ is designed as a cost effective, 'low overhead' delivery option for internet based training. Our email downloads can be received on most PDAs, Blackberries, etc (and work equally well on slower 'dial up' internet connections). All that's required is a PDF reader and Excel. 

Alternatively, the coursework can be printed for reading on the train, during lunch breaks etc.  Once you have downloaded the email, there's no need to stay connected to the internet.

More information:
Free questions & answers:
  • 30 PMP questions
  • 25 CAPM questions
  • Daily questions

Your Mentors
Dr Lynda Bourne Dr. Lynda Bourne DPM, PMP, FAIM.
Lynda has extensive experience as a Senior Project Manager and Project Director specialising in delivery of IT and other business-related projects and has worked as a Senior IT Project Management Consultant. She is an internationally recognised consultant, author and trainer.

Lynda is Director of Professional Services with Mosaic Project Services and
the Managing Director and CEO of Stakeholder Management Pty Ltd.   [See Lynda's CV]

Patrick Weaver Patrick Weaver PMP, PMI-SP, FAICD, FCIOB.
Patrick has over thirty five years experience in the Project Management industry.  His career initially focused on the planning and managing of construction and engineering projects. The last twenty years has seen his businesses and experience expand to include the successful implementation of project controls in a range of government, ICT and business environments and the development of a range of sophisticated training options.

Patrick has been a PMI member for over 20 years and is
the Managing Director of Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd.    [See Patrick's CV]
You set your schedule to suit your needs:
Complete your course in 1 week or take a leisurely 6 months
and you can change your planned schedule at anytime )

Self Paced =
  • Completing the entire course in a week
  • Completing one Module per week
  • Completing two modules per month
  • The pace is up to you and can be changed at any time!

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Click here to see more on Mosaic's One-on-One training for:
PMI's PMI-SP Credential and  the CIOB PTMC scheduling certificate.
Classroom Course Schedule
(Melbourne, Australia)
  Full Course Schedule

Course & Module Structure

The information needed to pass your examination is provided in 16 modules for PMP candidates, 14 modules for CAPM. Each module includes the delivery of reference materials, followed by test questions and feedback on the answers provided. The three components of each module are designed to work together to reinforce the student's learning. As the course progresses, questions test the student's knowledge of previous modules as well as the current one.

Regular feedback is provided to each trainee showing their overall score and their score against each of the topics. This helps highlight areas of strength and areas needing more study. Mosaic's email based support service is available to help trainees with any questions they may have and to provide additional guidance as needed.

The course materials build into a comprehensive manual for revision and future reference. As part of the course fees, Mosaic provides a complete index system and, within Australia, binders to store the printouts from each module, and we guarantee to keep working with you until you pass the examination (see our blog on guarantees).

Typical Module Structure - most people average around 3 Hrs per module

Each module includes:

The next module is normally forwarded shortly after the current module is returned. Trainees wishing to fast-tack their training typically receive modules on a pre-agreed schedule; it is possible to complete the course in a week if needed.

Passing your examination requires skill in answering PMI's multiple choice questions! The Mentored Email™ process provide access to approximately 450 questions (350 for CAPM) during the course. Each question is returned with a complete answer, by reviewing the answers, trainees learn why some options are correct and why others are wrong. Mosaic's scoring matrix lets each trainee know the topics needing more work and where they are comfortably on track for a pass.  If the these questions are not sufficient, we have an extra questions if needed and your course includes a 90 day licence to use our PM Final exam simulator with another 1000 questions included.

Individual students will complete the whole course using this delivery option, in their own time and at their preferred pace of working. Where groups of people can be organised (eg via a PMI Chapter or within a business), Mosaic's 'Blended' courses may be preferred.

More information:

Note:- All email courses require the trainee to have access to an email system capable of receiving 'locked' PDF and Excel files (the 'lock' prevents alterations - printing is always enabled). 

See more on PMP Training Book a Mentored Email Course See more on CAPM Training

Key Deliverables

Students will acquire the necessary knowledge and understanding required to successfully pass their PMP or CAPM examination.

Mosaic's courses are specifically designed to equip trainees with the necessary skills and knowledge to pass a difficult, multi-choice examination, most people also acquire significant useful project management knowledge to apply in the workplace. The course framework is based on the PMBOK Guide, key references from the PMI list of recommended reading materials and the student's own pre-existing knowledge and experience.

The course will:

Mosaic's courses work - see what our trainees have said.

More Exam and Course Information
PMP Training For project managers with 3 years 'leading and directing' project teams
CAPM Training For all project team members who do not have adequate experience for PMP

Course Design

This course is designed to include ‘just enough’ material to achieve our target benchmark and for you to pass the PMP or CAPM examination. Our benchmark is for people achieving 80% in this course to score around 70% in their exam (roughly a 5% to 10% safety factor).  No one outside of the PMI exam area knows the exact makeup of the current question pool (this is updated 2 or 3 times a year) or the current reference sources beyond the PMBOK used for developing questions (although we have a good idea of the key reference texts).  Developing a ‘complete course’ covering all of the possible topics would at least double the amount of work you need to do (and the cost of the course) for no additional benefit.

We are continually adapting and updating the course contents to keep them aligned with the current CAPM and PMP exams as they evolve.


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