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PgMP® - Program Management Professional Exam Prep

"There are risks and costs to a program of action but they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction."
John. F. Kennedy

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We do not offer PgMP training courses as PMI have no pre-set training requirements and most candidates prefer to self-study. We are happy to help you with:

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        Program Management

Program management is the centralised, coordinated management of a program to achieve the program’s strategic benefits and objectives - The Standard for Program Management. By definition, program management addresses systemic issues and focuses on business and strategic aspects of projects and programs that cannot be resolved at the project management level.

Organisations are increasingly seeking to better integrate and coordinate multiple projects to deliver business value.  Most project managers understand the need for program management and understand the key differences: 
  • Project management focuses on the tactical tasks, deliverables and outputs. Program management focuses on the strategic objectives, benefits and outcomes. See 'Understanding Programs and Projects'.
  • Program management is focused on systemic issues that prevent projects from achieving their objectives. It provides an integrated approach to resolve inconsistencies and disconnects across projects and organisational silos that cannot be necessarily resolved at the project level.
  • A program approach provides a holistic perspective to address the entire value creation lifecycle, from the conception to the realisation of the benefits. It is the connection between line management that own the business and project managers that are creating the changes. Project's can create the artifacts needed for a change but only the business managers can implement the organisational focus needed to maximise the benefit realisation.

PgMP Examination Process:

The PgMP examination involves a three phase assessment process. The candidates timeline for obtaining the PgMP credential is:

Phase 1, Application assessment - candidate has 90 day to complete from initial log-in, (PMI may then take up to 4 weeks to assess your application once submitted).
Phase 2, Examination - you must pass the examination within 1 year from the date of eligibility notification (ie passing the Phase 1 assessment).
For more details see Exam Application and Course Fees below 

Your advancement flows 100% on the PMI web site

  • The initial phase of assessment is the application process, during which a panel of program managers reviews the candidate's educational background and professional work experience (see 'Eligibility Requirements' below). Successful completion of the application process indicates that the candidate has met the prescribed eligibility requirements for the credential.
  • A multi-choice examination requires candidates to demonstrate the ability to apply their knowledge to a variety of situational or scenario-based questions. 
    • The exam will be administered via computer-based testing globally. In areas of the world where computer-based testing does not exist, paper-based testing will be made available.   
    • The exam will consist of 150 multiple choice questions plus 20 pre-test questions (170 total). The pre-test questions do not affect your score and are placed randomly throughout the test.
    • The time for the exam is 4 hours.
    • The questions are based on the blueprint contained in the PgMP Examination Specification. The percentage  in each of the program management domains are:
      • 14% - Defining the program
      • 12% - Initiating the program
      • 20% - Planning the program
      • 25% - Executing the program
      • 21% - Controlling the program
      •   8% - Closing the program
    • Score reports indicating that the candidate has passed the examination will reflect that the minimum proficiency level of 325 has been achieved, based on a 'scaled scoring' model. [ See more on 'scaled scoring models' ]
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Eligibility Requirements:

Exam Application and Course Fees:

Applications for the PgMP examination must be made ‘on-line’ via the PMI web site at and follow the links to "Obtaining a Credential" under the "Career Development" menu - information included in the PgMP handbook is designed to assist the application process.

All examination fees are charged in US Dollars, cheques and money orders must be payable against an American bank. All major credit cards are accepted.

Certification Fees US$ PgMP
PMI Member Rate US$800.00
Non Member Rate US$1,000.00

The cost of joining PMI is US$119.00 plus US$10.00 joining fee (total US$129). Therefore for PgMP candidates in particular, joining PMI first (using the on-line registration) will save you money and you will receive all of the other benefits and discounts available to members. Membership of PMI Components, including local Chapters, Special Interest Groups (eg The PMO-SIG or IT&T-SIG) and Colleges are an additional fee above the base membership. Australian Chapter fees are US$50.00 per annum.

Consider using the Prometric Test Drive to experience a real world, end-to-end practice run through the system before the date of your scheduled test. See our News Page for more information.

For PMI Membership details go to and follow the links to "membership" under the "Get Involved" menu.

The Application Process

Exam Flow

The first step in the application process requires completing the on-line application forms. Critical information entered at this point includes your CV and the names of your Multi-rater assessment team.

Once your on-line application has been assessed and determined to be complete, PMI will send you electronic notification to submit payment of the credential fee.
This requires you to go back into the on-line certification system to: select your examination delivery method, request any special facilities, and submit payment.

After making your payment, your application will either be randomly selected for PMI's Audit process or forwarded to the Panel Review process conducted by PgMPs.

After passing the Panel Review, you will receive your email advising your candidate details. Scheduling your examination is straightforward. All eligible candidates can quickly and easily schedule, cancel and reschedule* their certification examinations on-line at Please note it is critical that your name used in the application process exactly matches on the government issued identification that you will be presenting to access the testing center.  Address variations on your government issued ID do not matter, only the name.

Following registration, candidates must take their examination within the twelve-month eligibility period. One extension (or a refund) is possible but costs and conditions apply, details are contained in the Certification Handbook.

The MRA, has been discontinued effective 1st Novembner 2013..

* Conditions and fees apply to cancellations and rescheduling within 30 days of your selected exam date.

  1. IF there is any conflict between the summary information contained on this page and the detailed information contained on the PMI web site, the PMI information takes precedence.

  2. This information is provided to assist PgMP examination candidates to understand their obligations, it is not necessarily up to date or accurate.

  3. All PgMP forms are copyright of PMI.

Maintaining your PgMP status

The PgMP certification lasts for 3 years. During this period, you need to demonstrate 60 hours of 'continuing professional development' (called PDUs) to be eligible to renew your certification. Provided you  earn 60 PDUs in each 3 year period, you can maintain your PgMP status indefinitely*. Click here for more on earning and recording PDUs.

Current holders of the PgMP Certification can be confirmed by checking PMI’s on line registry at:

* Based on current PMI policy

[ Download the PgMP Handbook ] 

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Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) for the PgMP credential

Email for additional information. 

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