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Mosaic's Mentored Email™ PMP Training

Mosaic's Mentored Email™ Training is available anywhere in the world

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Visit our new easy-to-use PMP Training Website

PMP Distance Training - Self Paced or Scheduled

Course Objectives

1 Assist experienced project personnel to achieve PMP® accreditation
Self-paced PMP

Gear the speed of this course to
meet your personal requirements.
You will test your learning against 400 questions
during this high value course.
a Assist with obtaining PMI membership
b Assist with registering to take the PMP examination
c Provide the 35 Hrs of accredited project management training required to obtain PMP certification
2 To provide a framework of information by way of references and proprietary materials to allow trainees to acquire the PMI specific knowledge required to pass the PMP examination.
3 Provide a structured framework to test trainees’ knowledge on a progressive basis against PMP examination standards.
4 Provide an examination specific focus to the training (ie how to pass the examination the PMI way!!).
5 Provide one-on-one feedback regarding performance in each knowledge area to allow trainees to focus on areas requiring improvement.

Course Structure – Distance Learning

16 Mentored Email Modules [ View Mentored Email delivery ]

Pre Course Information (provided as needed)

- Provide information to allow prospective trainees to assess eligibility for PMP qualification
- Provide general information on PMI and PMP
- Provide PMI membership registration materials
- Provide Examination registration materials
- Establish overall timeframe for course
- Establish target date for examination (and examination venue)
- Organise for trainees to obtain a copy of the PMBOK® Guide

Note:- All email courses require the trainee to have access to an email system capable of receiving 'locked' PDF and Excel files (the 'lock' prevents alterations - printing is always enabled).

Download the Course Plan

Ongoing Support

Course fees include:-
- A 90 day licence to Mosaic's PM Final online exam simulator
Support prior to examination
- Help with last minute questions (via email)
- Final review suggestions based on previous question

Exam - Sit for PMP examination
(exam fees are additional)

Course Plan subject to revision and update. Contact Mosaic for the current version.

Course Design

This course is designed to include ‘just enough’ material to achieve our target benchmark and for you to pass the PMP examination. Our benchmark is for people achieving 80% in this course to score around 70% in their PMP exam (roughly a 10% safety factor).  No one outside of the PMI exam area knows the exact makeup of the current question pool (this is updated 2 or 3 times a year) or the current reference sources beyond the PMBOK used for developing questions (although we have a good idea of the key reference texts).  Developing a ‘complete course’ covering all of the possible topics would at least double the amount of work you need to do (and the cost of the course) for no additional benefit; as one successful candidate pointed out: ‘when it comes to the exam anything over 61% is wasted effort’.

We are continually adapting and updating the
course contents to keep them aligned with the current PMP exam as it is evolving.


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