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CAPM Exam Questions on-line

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
Leonardo da Vinci

Visual PMBOK Guide

CAPM questions by:- 

Visual PMBOK
-  Discontinued  -
For CAPM Questions on-line based on the
PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition see PM Final


The Visual PMBOK® Guide is a service delivered by by; it is designed to help you see, explore and learn the knowledge contained in the PMBOK® Guide with 100s of questions that never repeat and never run out! Once you choose your answer, the correct answer will be shown.

Other features include a mapping of all 800 concepts in the PMBOK® Guide arranged into a colored knowledge browser, simply hover the mouse over the concept and a popup will appear that shows the PMBOK® Guide reference, its definition,
and links to relevant web articles.


Studies have shown that experience, studying, reading, and
other preparation is not always enough to pass a
standardized certification exam. Candidates often perform
much better if they have been exposed to practice
questions, especially if the practice is a good simulation of
the actual exam.
JOSPAR has 100s of CAPM level questions.
Why JOSPAR?  The Kazakh language word for plan,
‘жоспар’, is pronounced (roughly) as an English speaker
may say ‘jospar’. So …


The Visual PMBOK® Guide self-test questions

The Visual PMBOK® Guide is Mosaic's chosen online CAPM exam preparation tool. It is specifically designed to help with your final preparation for the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exam. 

The Visual PMBOK® Guide includes hundreds of realistic practice questions closely aligned with each of the PMBOK® Guide knowledge areas. You can select questions from a single chapter, or all of the chapters to any point in the PMBOK.  You can attempt as many questions as you like during your licence period. The questions never repeat and never run out! The self-test window will stay on the screen while you are using it and will close once your mouse leaves the self-test window.

To test your mastery of the PMBOK® Guide:

  • Click on the ‘Self-Test’ menu item to open the self test window. 
  • Use the drop-down menu to choose which chapters of PMBOK® Guide you would like to be tested on. 
  • Your first question appears.....
  • Once you choose your answer, the correct answer will be shown.
  • You can review your progress in mastering the PMBOK® Guide at any time by clicking on the 'My Score Card' link at the top of the self-test window. 
  Help is always available:
  • On line, click on 'Help'
  • From Mosaic by email at:
    If help is needed for a specific question, we need to know the 'Question ID' eg Q1034 and the question details
    - printing a screen dump is easiest.
Note: A good score using this simulator does not guarantee a pass in the PMP or CAPM examination. test questions score card

The Visual PMBOK® Guide definitions and links

To view the definition of any concept, simply hover the mouse over the concept! After a short delay a popup will appear that shows the PMBOK®Guide reference for the concept, its definition, relevant web links and links to other search engines. 

You will also see related 

  • Inputs I|
  • Tools & Techniques Tool & Technique Icon and 
  • Outputs O|.

To search for further information about a concept - click on a search link at the bottom of the popup. popup

Related Keywords

To see other PMBOK® Guide keywords related to a concept, click the green triangle under the concept.

The related keywords will appear on the screen.

Click again to hide the related Keywords.

You can also search the whole PMBOK for these keywords. key words

Linked keywords
Explore Connections

Click on a concept and the view will change. In the example, the 'Project Charter' output is the focus of the knowledge browser.

Surrounding it, you can see the processes that it is output from, or input to. You can click on any process, input, tool, technique or output and see its related concepts.
Related concepts

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