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Scope Management

"It is important to define the scope of the work before moving forward,
and management is more important than defining the scope,
and finding the right people is most important."

King Jeongo, 22nd King of the Chosun dynasty Korea, 1794

PMP Module 5 + PMBOK® Guide Chapter 5 

These notes are supplementary information that expand on the core information contained in Mosaic's PMP Exam Prep courses. Whilst not central the the PMP exam requirements the materials are intended to add value to our course notes and increase the overall richness of the materials as a project management reference resource. Topics planned for this page include:

Scope Management
Scope management is focused on ensuring the client's or end users requirements are firstly identified and then delivered as part of the projects outputs.  Gatering the data needed to define requirements, and brainstorming solutions is discussed in WP1068. Once the requirements are defined, the 'Requirements Traceability Matrix' described in WP1029 is a key tool for managing their delivery.
- Blog (Nov. 2008): Defining Project Scope  
- Blog (Jan. 2009): Success and Stakeholders     

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Requirements & Scope Definition
Requirements gathering and managment see:  
-  Defining Requirements  WP1071
-  Ranking Requirements and Selecting Projects  WP1062
-  Requirements Traceability Matrix  WP1029
-  Data Gathering & Brainstorming  WP1068

The project's 'scope baseline' consists of the project scope statement (see Scope documentation below), WBS and WBS Dictionary
. WP1011 WBS describes the Work Breakdown Structure and supporting WBS Dictionary. For other types of 'breakdown structure' see: Breakdown Structures Revisited
- PMI Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structures 2nd Edition is available free of charge to PMI members as a non-printing PDF
     For instructions on downloading the PDF see:

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Scope Documentation
Statement of Work (SOW): The various types of scope documentation including SOW, Scope statements and specifications are defined in WP1070.  
Configuration Management: Processes to establish and maintain consistency of a product's performance, function and physical attributes with its requirements, design and operational information; throughout the products life.  PMI's Practice Standard for Project Configuration Management is available free of charge to PMI members as a non-printing PDF
For instructions on downloading the PDF see:

Systems Engineering: Systems engineering can be thought of as the principles and methods related to the successful engineering of systems, to meet stakeholder requirements and to maximize value. Systems engineering is problem-independent, and solution/technology-independent.

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