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"I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said,
but I am not sure you realise that what you heard is not what I meant!"

Robert McCloskey: Former US State Department Spokesman

PMP Module 3 + PMBOK® Guide Chapter 13 

These notes are supplementary information that expand on the core information contained in Mosaic's PMP Exam Prep courses. Whilst not central the the PMP exam requirements the materials are intended to add value to our course notes and increase the overall richness of the materials as a project management reference resource. Topics planned for this page include:

Project Stakeholders
The value proposition for effective stakeholder management is discussed in WP1083, more general discussions are contained in our blogs and papers:
- Blog (Jan. 2009): Key Stakeholders
- Blog (Mar. 2009): Value is in the eye of the stakeholder 
- Paper: Achieving a Successful Engagement (Stakeholders)
- Paper: Avoiding the Successful Failure! (Stakeholders)
- Paper: Advancing theory and practice for successful implementation of Stakeholder Management in organisations   
The effective management of stakeholders requires a continuous process of analysis and review
. The Stakeholder Cycle is described in WP1007. The key senior managers who provide direction and support to the project manager are discussed in WP1055.

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Stakeholder Management Methodologies
Mosaic's Stakeholder Management tools and templates - view the tools
Managing issues as they arise during the work is vitally important, see:  WP1089.

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Stakeholder Management, the Stakeholder Circle and SRMM
Stakeholder relationship management and effective communication with key stakeholders is our core business focus. Some of the other resources and links include:
- The Stakeholder Circle methodology and supporting tools, visit:
- The Stakeholder Circle blog on all things stakeholder:
- Our Stakeholder Relationship Management Maturity (SRMM) model and book, visit:
- Mosaic's stakeholder management home page:
- Our Successful Stakeholder Management workshops [view workshop details].

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