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Introducing a Stakeholder Management Methodology into the EU

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Keywords: Stakeholders, Projects, Programs, Communications.

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Introducing a Stakeholder Management Methodology into the EU  [P087]

This paper describes the introduction of the Stakeholder Circle® methodology and software into the European Union by Tiba Managementberatung GmbH. The methodology was developed in Australia and initially targeted at the North American project management market.  The focus of this paper is an analysis of the issues and challenges faced by Tiba to develop and refine an effective strategy for the introduction of the methodology into the diverse corporate and national cultures present in the EU market place.

The methodology and its associated maturity framework will be briefly described to ground the presentation.  The paper will then seek to identify key cultural differences between the North American/Australian management communities and the EU and identify the changes required to make the Stakeholder Circle® relevant and useful within the EU business community. A key element of this discussion will be an assessment of the overall EU project management community to determine if there is a common ‘EU culture’ or if differences in both PM maturity, national and organisational culture make the concept of an ‘EU marketplace’ for project management processes and tools a dangerous illusion.

The paper will then consider a number of actual implementations in different organisations in the Netherlands, Germany, Australia and other locations, assisted by the authors, and seek to develop a series of key indicators from these case studies that can be generally applied to assist in the implementation of significant process changes within an organisation that involve both technological/methodological innovation and its consequential cultural changes.

Authors: Dr. Lynda Bourne and Stephan Kasperczyk 

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