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How To
Build a Risk Management Plan

"Nature has established patterns originating in the return of events, but only for the most part!"
Leibniz – 1703

1 Day Risk Management Workshop

1 Day workshop earns:  PMI PDUs = 7   &   AIPM CPD Points =  2 per Hr. (Cat. B08)
(PDU information: R.E.P.# 1705, Course ID: 101005

Objective: This workshop will provide trainees with the framework needed to effectively manage risk in a project environment.

Course outline

  • Introduction & housekeeping

  • Course plan and objectives

  • Mosaic’s Risk Management methodology

  • Step 1: Identify
    • What is risk (and opportunity)
    • Planning for Risk Management
    • The process of identification of risk

  • Step 2: Prioritize
    • Qualitative Risk Analysis
    • Quantitative Risk Analysis

  • Case Study – A Risky Undertaking

  • Step 3: Visualize
    • Methods for mapping risks

  • Step 4: Respond and Manage
    • Development of a Risk Register
    • Reporting Risk

  • Step 5: Monitor
    • Factors that affect identification and management of risk and opportunity
    • Risk Reviews

  • Course Wrap-up

This course includes calculations based on Decision Trees, EMV, PERT, etc and an in-depth analysis of the case study using Mosaics Excel templates for the Risk Register and Risk Management Plan.

Download the
course flyer

In-house workshops can be customised to develop the
risk management plan for a project or program.

Free Risk White Papers:

If a risk happens once it is understandable;

If the same risk happens twice, that's unlucky;
If the same risk happens three times that's unacceptable!

Risk doctor proverb:

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