Mosaic's Consulting and On-Site Support Services

Consulting and Contract Staff Services

Effective project management delivers the framework within which people can combine their talents and work towards achieving common goals. Mosaic's services are designed to enhance the ability of business to harness the skills of their staff to, plan and track projects, spot new opportunities and reshape services to seize the competitive advantage. The Mosaic Project Services team have been helping organizations deliver successful project outcomes by providing effective support services to our clients and their projects for over 25 years [ view client list ].

We customize the delivery of our services and level of assistance offered to provide the optimum return on investment for each client. Options include :-

  • Facilitated in-house workshops focused on:
  • Claims preparation and analysis (including Expert Witness work)
    see our ADR and Dispute Management Page.
  • Project planning and project controls services to assist your staff deliver projects on-time and on-budget.
  • Project office implementation, development and support including project administration and data systems. Mosaic can help develop the key facets of a PMO's role including:
    • Methodology (simple and scalable);
    • Mentoring (including training) and Measurement (QA and reports);
    • plus providing a 'home community' for the organizations project managers. 
  • Short term "Project Start up" planning and support. Projects that start right have a much better chance of completing successfully.
  • Developing customized project control systems and services including the use of Earned Value techniques, resource scheduling and process optimization.
  • Assisting with project overviews, health checks, assurance and recovery planning.
Within all of the above, our key areas of expertise is the use of integrated systems to deliver effective outcomes. The services offered by the Mosaic Team extend beyond basic requirements to include helping our clients build resilient internal processes and take ownership of the processes developed.

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On Site Support

Mosaic offers on-site training and support focusing on the implementation of practices and procedures to optimize the way the project controls processes are used as a tool to assist in developing effective schedules to plan and control time, resources and costs on your project(s). Our consultants work with the project team members (or project office staff) to build, monitor and report on ‘live’ project schedules.

Mosaic’s consultancy has two key objectives:

  • Assist in developing an effective schedule and implementing effective schedule control processes for the project or business (including to the extent necessary: time, resources and cost; planning, updating and control).
  • Transfer the necessary skills and know how to the in-house team members responsible for the on-going use and maintenance of the schedules and systems. Mosaic’s involvement on-site is designed to taper off as in-house skills and confidence build, our overall commitment is planned to meet the specific requirements of an organization and adjusted based on actual experience.

Mosaic’s on-site support can be augmented with both formal software training courses and project management training courses (see more on our training options).

Typically, our consultant will have a fairly intense involvement with the team at the beginning of the process (ranging up to a full time commitment). Once the overall system and procedures are established to the satisfaction of the host organization, visits are scaled back as in-house skills are developed. Eventually, all that is needed to maintain skills and schedule quality is an occasional visit for an overall ‘health-check’ (typically scheduled at two or three monthly intervals) and the occasional telephone support to assist with a specific problem.

The on-going involvement of our consultants with the team allows Mosaic to provide effective short term assistance to help with peak workloads and staff shortages; we are already familiar with the businesses, its procedures and people. Where appropriate one-on-one mentoring is provided Mosaic’s consultants have high levels of skill in the use of project control tools and training.skills transfer.

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Weaving Solutions Pty Ltd

Weaving Solutions Pty Ltd

These days, the majority of our on-site and routine consulting work is delivered through our partner Weaving Solutions Pty Ltd, owned by John Weaver PMP.

See more on Weaving Solutions Pty Ltd's capabilities.