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Project Controls & Scheduling

Subjects covered in this section take an in-depth look at the function of project controls and scheduling, in part to support out PMI-SP courses, and that go beyond the core project management processes covered in Section 2 - PMBOK Knowledge Areas.

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Section Contents:

  • Integrated Project Controls   [PMKI-SCH-005.php]
    Project controls is an integrated process that include the data gathering, management and analytical processes used to predict, understand and constructively influence the time and cost outcomes of a project or program through the communication of useful information. This subject focuses on the overall integrated process of ‘controlling’ a project or program.
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  • Scheduling Good Practice   [PMKI-SCH-010.php]
    This subject focuses on core scheduling practice and looks at what makes a good schedule, what makes a good planner, and what should they do; the ‘good practices’ needed to create and manage an effective schedule.
  • Schedule Risk Assessment  [PMKI-SCH-015.php]
    Every estimate about a future outcome is uncertain! This subject looks at the effect of uncertainty on schedule predictions and the tools and techniques available to manage the consequences of uncertainty and improve the accuracy of projected completion dates.
  • Schedule Quality Assessment   [PMKI-SCH-020.php]
    This subject focuses on the emerging science of measuring schedule quality and conformance to ‘good practice’ and the automated tools that are now available to assist in this process. There is a strong correlation between a well-constructed schedule and a desirable project outcome, applying these concepts will enhance the probability of on-time completion.
  • Scheduling Methodologies and Approaches  [PMKI-SCH-025.php]
    This subject looks at the wide range of scheduling methodologies and approaches to improving CPM scheduling currently available. Traditional ‘critical path’ scheduling is only one of the ways to develop a useful and effective schedule, and in many situations it is far from optimal.
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  • Scheduling Software and Tools  [PMKI-SCH-030.php]
    This subject takes a look at the range of scheduling software and tools available to use (many free). Where we can, links to the developers web site are provided.
  • Scheduling books and resources  [PMKI-SCH-035.php]
    This subject offers a brief overview of a few of the 1000s of books available in the marketplace. We focus on books we have reviewed, used or written.
  • Earned Value & Earned Schedule  [PMKI-SCH-040.php]
    Earned Value Management (EVM) has proven itself to be one of the most effective performance measurement and feedback tools for managing projects. This subject looks at EV from a business management perspective.
  • Advanced Risk Management  [PMKI-SCH-045.php]
    Risk management topics that extend beyond the basic requirements for the PMP examination.

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