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The Mosaic and Stakeholder Management businesses of today have roots extending back to 1985 the table below highlights key events in the evolution of our businesses.

Year CPS MPI Practical PM Pty Ltd Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd Stakeholder Management Pty Ltd
1985 Patrick Weaver starts his consultancy business trading as Computer Planning Services. CPS 'only uses computerised tools' for its project scheduling (planning) services; primarily ICL VME PERT  (mainframe) and Micro Planner (PC).       
1987 CPS drops VME PERT and focuses exclusively on using PC tools for its project scheduling and consultancy work.  Major projects include New Parliament House (Canberra), Expo 88 and Myer Centre (Brisbane). Micro Planning Australia Pty Ltd starts trading. Initially focused solely on retail software sales of the Micro Planner range.
Patrick Weaver is appointed MPI's Managing Director.
1988 CPS markets scheduling tools to compliment the MPI range:
- PlanTrac,
Outlook, BARoNET & TimeLocK
  from Computerline UK
- Cresta  from K&H Ltd London
- Kernel PMS,
- PreProd, Arrow  and others
[ See more on MPI's history ]
1990 CPS continues to expand and develop its consulting services and begins offering training.  Micro Planning Australia Pty Ltd changes its name to Micro Planning International Pty Ltd to conform with the MPI brand internationally.  InstaPlan added to MPI software range.        
1991 Continues Continues
[ See more on MPI's history ]
Computer Planning Software Pty Ltd starts trading as a software importer and wholesale business supporting MPI (this structure is needed to mange the new sales tax on software and tax exempt sales to government).       
1996 CPS incorporates as Computer Planning Services Pty Ltd and continues as a consulting business in association with MPI. MPI starts offering direct consulting services to select clients in support of its software sales business. Continues M.P.I. Holdings Pty Ltd formed as a holding company. MPI Holdings will become Mosaic in 1999.  
1999 Computer Planning Services Pty Ltd consolidates its role into an employment business for all wages based employees in the group. All consultancy and training work transferred to Mosaic.  Micro Planning International Pty Ltd sold to new owners. P.Weaver resigns as Managing Director and starts Mosaic's consulting business. Computer Planning Software Pty Ltd consolidates its role as primary holder of IP and Copyright within the group. Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd takes over as the lead consulting business in the group focused on project scheduling, 'expert witness' work and ADR services. Lynda Bourne starts Casablanca Management Pty Ltd as an ICT management consultancy business.
2002 Continues _____________________
MPI ceased trading in 2005. 
Continues Mosaic becomes a PMI approved Registered Education Provider and increases its training offerings to include PMP Exam Prep courses.  Continues
2003 Continues
Continues PMI Public classroom training offered in Melbourne in conjunction with PMI Melbourne Chapter.  Continues
2004 Continues The sale and support of the Micro Planner software range is now managed by 
Micro Planning International Pty Ltd
Computer Planning Software Pty Ltd changes its name to Practical PM Pty Ltd.  Dr. Lynda Bourne joins Mosaic as Director of Training.  

Mosaic starts work commercialising 
the Stakeholder Circle® prior to formation of the new company.

Casablanca's consultancy business transferred into Mosaic.  Lynda's work developing stakeholder management capabilities 'spun off' into a new 'Stakeholder Management' business.
Casablanca consolidates its role as the primary holder of physical assets within the group.
2006 continues   Continues Mosaic, through Dr. Lynda Bourne, acquires PMI accredited, OPM3 ProductSuite Assessment & Consultancy capabilities.
Training expanded to Canberra in conjunction with PMI Canberra Chapter.
Stakeholder Management  Pty Ltd established to focus exclusively on the international development of the Stakeholder Circle®.  Commercial launch of the tool at the PMI Global Congress in Seattle. |
2007 continues   Continues Mosaic's training courses are in demand world-wide with clients in Europe, USA, Asia and New Zealand.
[view public workshops]
[view training clients].
Stakeholder Circle® exhibited at PMI Global Congress Atlanta & included in a new book, Procurement Systems – A Cross Industry Project Management Perspective. |
2008 continues   Continues PMI public classroom training expanded to Brisbane in conjunction with PMI Queensland Chapter (plus continuing in Canberra and Melbourne).  Mosaic undertakes the first OPM3 ProductSuite assessments in Australia.
Stakeholder Circle® tool set expanded to include spreadsheets and word templates.
SHC, included in a second book - Construction Stakeholder Management. 
2009 continues   Continues Mosaic Blog started.
Short courses updated, reorganized and included on the PMI R.E.P. database.
PMI Credential courses updated to new Standards and expanded to include PMP, CAPM, PgMP and PMI-SP.
Dr. Lynda Bourne, becomes Director of Professional Services.
SRMM® launched.
Stakeholder Blog started.
Dr. Lynda Bourne's book: Stakeholder Relationship Management: A Maturity Model for Organisational Implementation published by Gower.
2010 continues   Continues Webshop updated and re-launched.  Primary focus, Mentored Email™ courses world-wide + Mosaic's classroom courses in Melbourne.
Webshop updated and re-launched.
2011 CPS Business taken over by Mosaic to streamline operations and CPS shut down.
  Continues CPS consolidated into the Mosaic Business to focus on delivering training for PMI credentials and project controls.
SRMM website launched focused on Stakeholder Management Maturity.
Dr. Lynda Bourne's book: Advising Upwards: A Framework for Understanding and Engaging Senior Management Stakeholders published by Gower.


2012  ______________
  Casablanca and Practical PM businesses merged into a single entity holding all of the groups IP and physical assets:
Casablanca Management Pty Ltd
PM Knowledge portal launched.
Stakeholder Circle migrated to 'the cloud' and supplied as a SaaS application.
  Continues Webshop updated and moved to new server. Stakeholder Circle enhanced to include contact management
  Continues PM History portal launched. Continues

  Continues Continues Continues

  Continues Dedicated web site for
PMP and CAPM courses launched.
Dedicated web site for
PMI-SP courses launched.

  Continues Last public PMP and CAPM classroom courses conducted, training focus shifted to
Mentored Email™.
Major upgrade to the main Mosaic web site launched, focused on improved access to the PMKI resources. 

Stakeholder Management Pty Ltd ceases trading - business transferred to Mosaic Project Services.

  Continues Upgrades to the main Mosaic web site continuing.  ______________

  Continues Last PMP and CAPM Mentored Email™. courses conducted to focus on project controls training.
Mosaic ceases to be a PMI R.E.P.

  Casablanca Management Pty Ltd ceases trading - business transferred to Mosaic Project Services. Earned Value Management and
PMI-SP Project Scheduling
Mentored Email courses terminated.
Easy EVM course-in-a-book launched.


  ______________ Easy CPM course-in-a-book launched.
Easy EVM Worksheet launched
Stakeholder Worksheet launched

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