Mosaic's Executive Briefings

Mosaic's 'Executive Briefings' are short one or two hour overviews of a specific topic designed to inform senior management groups. The form and content of each presentation will be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each audience. Executive Briefings are always delivered by the Mosaic Director with the most experience relevant to the topic and audience.

Mosaic's Executive Briefings include:

  • Governance of PPP briefings.
  • PMO development and methodology briefings customized to meet your in-house needs.
  • Sponsoring Successful Projects (the Sponsors Roles and Responsibilities).
  • Successful Stakeholder Management (Stakeholder Circle) Briefing.
  • Technical briefings based on Earned Value, Scheduling and/or Risk workshops.

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Seminar/conference presentations & Workshops

Briefing Structure:

Typical briefings include a short powerpoint presentation followed by a focused question and answer session. Briefings can be arranged for small groups in a board room setting or larger groups in an auditorium.

Our experts are highly experienced executives and recognize that in-house briefings need to be adapted to the culture and requirement of the host organisation; we are always happy to discuss your precise requirements and adapt or develop a briefing that meets your needs. Click through to our trainers CVs:

Or see what our trainees have had to say about us.

Fees and Costs:

Our fees vary depending on the briefing required and the amount of preparation needed, the pricing model we use is:

  • Basic set up fee $500
  • Cost per briefing:
    • One day only $1500 to $2000
  • Any special development costs are quoted net
  • Venue, printing, travel and accommodation costs are charged at cost

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