Earned Value Management
Mentored Email™ Course

Overview and Learning Objectives.

This distance learning, Mentored Email™ course, is designed to provide students with an understanding of the power of using Earned Value as a practical control and monitoring technique to deliver added value and insight from their overall project control process.

At the end of the course, trainees will understand the benefits of using Earned Value as a practical control and monitoring technique designed to provide added value and insight to their overall project control process and appreciate the steps necessary to implement an effective EV system in their organisation.

Who should attend: Project and program managers, PMO staff, project controls staff and engineers, schedulers and project team members.

Attendees will receive a comprehensive set of course notes and references to assist in the implementation of EVM in their businesses.

Workshop Details

Mosaic's Mentored Email™ EV course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the power of using Earned Value as a practical control and monitoring technique to deliver added value and insight from their overall project control process. The courses are based on a number of key standards/systems :

  • AS4817-2006, Project performance measurement using Earned Value. This is the first EV standard designed explicitly for use by the general business community.
  • The new ISO 21508 Earned Value Management in Project and Programme Management and ISO 21511 Work breakdown structures for project and programme management.
  • The Practice Standard for Earned Value Management (@nd Ed.) and the Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structures - Global standards developed by PMI, USA.
  • Interfacing Risk and Earned Value Management, published by the Association for Project Management UK.
  • Earned Schedule: an extension to the EV methodology to determine projected project completion dates. See www.earnedschedule.com.

At the end of the course, students will have acquired the necessary knowledge to apply EVM effectively in the workplace. The course will:

  • Provide a thorough grounding in Earned Value Management.
  • Provide a framework of information by way of references to Standards and proprietary materials to allow trainees to acquire the specific knowledge needed to develop an EV system.
  • Provide a structured framework to test trainees’ knowledge on a progressive basis through multi-choice questions.
  • Provide one-on-one feedback regarding performance in each module to allow trainees to focus on areas requiring improvement.
  • Provide on-going support after the course.

Mentored Email™

Mosaic's One-on-One Mentored Email™ distance learning methodology is designed as a cost effective, 'low overhead' email based delivery option for busy project team members.  The modules are designed to step you through the course work in manageable sections. Most people will aim at one module per week but you can go quicker or slower, the course is entirely self-paced.

Each module includes reference materials, followed by test questions and feedback on the answers provided. The three components of each module are designed to work together to reinforce the student's learning. Regular feedback is provided to each trainee showing their overall score and their score against each of the topics. This helps highlight areas of strength and areas needing more study. Mosaic's telephone mentoring helps trainees ask any questions they may have and to provide additional guidance as needed.

Typical Times per Module - most people average around 3 Hrs per module Each module includes:

  • Topic reading and Questions. Reading time should be 1 to 2 hours followed by answering a range of questions in the same format as the examination. Trainees should attempt to answer all questions in approximately 20 minutes.
  • Trainee provides answers. Answers the questions on the Excel template and then email to your mentor for scoring.
  • Evaluation emailed to trainee. Your Mentor provides feedback on the answers (both why answers are correct and why answers are wrong), a comprehensive scoring report measuring your overall progress and performance against each of the topics covered in the course. Where required, additional reference materials are recommended or provided to the trainee. Review time should be approximately 1 hour.
  • The next module is normally forwarded shortly after the current module is returned. Trainees wishing to fast-tack their training typically receive modules on a pre-agreed schedule; it is possible to complete the course in a day if needed.

The course provides access to approximately 100 questions. Each question has a complete answer, by reviewing the answers, trainees learn why some options are correct and why others are wrong. Mosaic's scoring matrix lets each trainee know the topics needing more work and where they are comfortably on track to implement EVM in their organisation.

Note:- All Mentored Email™ courses require the trainee to have access to an email system capable of receiving 'locked' PDF and Excel files (the 'lock' prevents alterations - printing is always enabled).

Module 5-Step work-flow:

  1. We email you a module containing reading information and a set of questions.
  2. You read a chapter or section of the course reference books.
  3. You read Mosaic's course notes. Answer the module questions and email your answers to us.
  4. We score your answers and email the results back (usually within a few hours), we also email the next module.
  5. You review your scored answers against the detailed answers provided, if necessary ask any questions or for additional explanation. We are happy to respond and will source additional materials/references as needed (this is the 'mentored' bit of the whole process). And then you move onto the next module.
  6. On completion of the course you will be issued with a certificate of completion, and have earned 12 PDUs.

For more on Mentored Email™ distance learning visit our PMI-SP page (the methodology is used for our PMI-SP, PMP and CAPM courses). See more on Mentored Email™.

Module Structure (3 Hrs per Module)

Module # 1 - EV Basics

  • An overview of Earned Value
  • Developing a Time Phased Budget
  • Definition of key elements & Formula
  • Assigning objective measures of performance 

Module # 2 – Trend Indicators & History

  • Accumulating and reporting project cost and performance data
  • Analysing the performance data
  • TCPI and Trends
  • A Brief history of EV 3

Module # 3 – Project Organisation & Risk

  • Define the overall project Scope
  • WBS: Decomposing the project scope using the Practice Standard for Work Breakdown Structures
  • Setting the performance management baseline
  • Assigning responsibility
  • Interfacing Risk and Earned Value Management

Module # 4 – Business Management & Earned Schedule

  • Supporting Standards
  • Managing the project
  • Earned Schedule
  • Revision

Cost $200 (Australian Dollars, + GST for Australian residents). Modu1e 1 is sent 'on approval' , you only pay the invoice if you want to complete the course (EFT, MasterCard or Visa); this email also includes full details of the course and the reference materials.

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PDUs and AIPM CPD Points.

PMI PDUs. Completing Mosaic's Mentored Email™ EV course earns 12 PDUs. The breakdown of PDUs across the PMI Talent Triangle® are included on your individual course attendance certificates. See more on the PMI Talent Triangle®

AIPM CPD. Completing Mosaic's Mentored Email™ EV course earns points based on the AIPM CPD points table current at the date of the course, currently you earn 20 per course (B08 - Knowledge): see more on the AIPM website.

Other CPD requirements. Mosaic retains details of courses and attendees to support CPD claims in most organisations and we are happy to work with you to ensure you can claim your entitlements.