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"In these matters the only certainty is that nothing is certain."
Pliny the Elder (23 AD - 79 AD)

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Stakeholder Management
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1 Day: Stakeholder Management Techniques Workshop
Using the Stakeholder Circle® 

1 Day workshop earns:  PMI PDUs = 7   &   AIPM CPD Points =  2 per Hr. (Cat. B08)
(PDU information: R.E.P.# 1705, Course ID: 100901

Objective: This workshop will help project personnel build and maintain robust project relationships by using the Stakeholder Circle® methodology (and the supporting software tools) to identify key stakeholders and then to manage the relationships between their unique stakeholder community and the project.

Course outline


Why do stakeholders matter?

  • Exercise 1: Stakeholder influence on project outcomes
  • Why stakeholders matter
  • The Stakeholder Circle™ methodology
    • Five step methodology for stakeholder management

Step 1 – Identify Stakeholders

  • Introduction to Paradise Island case study
  • Stakeholder Identification
  • Exercise 2: Identify stakeholders
  • Discussion

Step 2 – Prioritise Stakeholders

  • Stakeholder Prioritisation
  • Exercise 3: The most important stakeholders
  • Discussion

Step 3 – Visualise the stakeholder community

  • Reveal which stakeholders are ‘on the radar’

Step 4 – Engage stakeholders: building the relationship

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Exercise 4: Define stakeholder support and receptiveness
  • Targeted communication
  • Exercise 5: Targeted communication

Step 5 – Monitor the communication

  • Monitoring and report on the effectiveness of the Communication 
Wrap up
  • Keys to successful stakeholder engagement

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Stakeholder Management

Workshop leader: Dr. Lynda Bourne, Director of Training; Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd. Lynda has been responsible for the development of the Stakeholder Circle® methodology which was researched as a part of her Doctor of Project Management (DPM) thesis.

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Stakeholder Circle® Executive Briefing

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A 60 minute presentation summarising the Stakeholder Circle® and the opportunities, benefits and challenges of introducing proactive stakeholder management into an organisations project delivery methodology.
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The briefing includes a Powerpoint presentation and ample opportunity for questions and answers from one of Mosaic's Directors.

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On site mentoring and support for Project Teams.

A senior Mosaic consultant will work with your team to build the skills needed to implement an effective introduction of the tool to your organisation. Email for additional information.

On-site facilitated workshops based on either the 1 Day or 2 Day formats can be designed to kick start effective stakeholder managment for a project, program or business unit.

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