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Easy EVM Workbook, a practical spreadsheet for normal projects

Easy EVM Workbook
is a simple spreadsheet that performs the calculations needed to apply EVM to normal projects. It is recommended for use on straightforward engineering projects up to $20 million and ICT projects up to $10 million, both with a pragmatic work package design, for more on this see: Sizing Work Packages

The worksheet is designed to process the data for a single update. After each update is complete, you save a copy of the spreadsheet ready for the next update and then edit / add the new information at the appropriate time. The worksheet is protected to maintain its integrity, data can only be entered in the cells shaded light green and there are extensive error checks built in to validate the information. Trend information is valuable, reviewing changes in a work package over several updates (saved worksheets) will indicate if the project situation is improving or deteriorating.

Easy EVM Worbook

Work package numbers and descriptions are free-form and can be edited to suit the needs of the project to a maximum of 35 work packages. Once created, these should not be changed.

It is recommended a schedule be set up for the project with the following characteristics:
1. The schedule contains a summary activity for each work package with detail tasks below
2. The summary activity be set up to roll up 'physical percent complete' from the underlying detail activities
3. Dates and percent complete are transcribed into the workbook from the schedule.

Baseline start and end dates are obtained from the initial schedule and transcribed into the relevant fields, and baseline budget values are obtained from the project budget. Once entered these values should not be changed. The total budget (BAC) is summed at the top of the table for verification against the project finances.

Then at each update, the actual schedule and cost information is obtained from the same sources and transferred into the spreadsheet for an instant update to the EVM information.

Detail instructions on the use of the spreadsheet are included on the second 'Instructions' tab and we are happy to provide help or advice.
or download the instructions for use

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