Making Projects Work

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Making Projects Work

Making Projects Work: Effective Stakeholder and Communication Management.

CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, Boca Raton, FL, USA.

Projects are performed by people for people, with the key determinants of success being the relationships between project teams and project stakeholders. This web of relationships will either enable or obstruct the flow of information between people and, as a consequence, will largely determine project success or failure.

Features; Making Projects Work:

  • Provides a framework for understanding and managing factors essential for achieving successful project and program outcomes.
  • Presents guidelines to help readers develop an understanding of governance and its connection to strategy as the starting point for decisions on what work needs to be done.
  • Describes how to craft appropriate communication strategies to develop and maintain successful relationships with stakeholders.
  • Supplies an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of existing project controls.
  • Outlines effective communication techniques for managing perceptions and expectations and to acquire the support necessary for successful delivery.

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