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There are only a few sources of free PMI-SP practice questions and answers on the web, most sets we have seen are out of date and/or simply taken from a PMP question set. To help overcome this problem, we have developed this set of 30 free PMI style PMI-SP exam questions to give you an idea of the level of skill needed to pass the current PMI-SP examination. The questions are drawn from on the PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition and the current PMI-SP Exam specification - these are the sources required for the PMI-SP exam through to Q2 2018. Based on quality feedback from our trainees, we believe the level of difficulty is consistent with the level of difficulty encountered in many PMI-SP examinations*.

*Note: PMI hold a bank of many hundreds of questions for their examinations and update the question bank on a regular basis. Everyone's examination is uniquely constructed from the questions available to PMI and the actual questions are a closely guarded secret. Our assessment of the style of question and level of difficulty is based on QA feedback from trainees, rather than specific information on any individual question or questions.

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A core part of Mosaic's business is successfully training people to pass their PMI-SP exam, and our commitment to all trainees is to work with you until you pass your exam. We offer self-paced training courses as well as these free questions.

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