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Some Emails & Comments:

I wanted to let you know that I passed the PMI-SP exam on the first try with “Above Target” in all categories. I appreciate your help and the Mosaic course. The materials from the course were fantastic and really took my understanding of planning, scheduling and a lot of other project categories to another level. The test was very challenging, and without the course I would have greatly struggled to pass. I will definitely keep revisiting the course materials..
Thanks again, Doug K.

Hi Pat
Thanks again for the training – it really hit the mark for what we were looking for!
Kind Regards Alex

Thanks!, I have to say that I find really interesting all additional papers that are in your database, really easy to read. great work!

Best Regards... Sergio

Since completing your course, I have went on to obtain my PMI-SP, PMP, PSP, and CSM certifications. It would not have been possible to accomplish all of this, within a 3-month span no less, if it were not for the knowledge gained through your course.

Many thanks once again for your guidance. Kind regards, Raymond C


I am preparing for the PgMP certification, and was trying to understand the terminologies - value, benefits, outcome, output, deliverable and got the link to your website. The whitepapers you have published are amazing, the concepts are explained so nicely which is not in PMI standards. Wanted to take a moment to thank you as I have got benefited understanding these concepts.

Regards, Prashanth

Hello Mr. Pat,

How are you ? Hope all is okay !

This is to inform you that today I passed my PMI-SP exams (first attempt). Thank you so much for the guidance, support and assistance during this period. The score was "above target" ! Take care always and I wish you always the best !

Best Regards, Marios Fourlas

Dear Mr. Pat,
Hello...Just to say thank you for the effective PMI SP email mentored training I enrolled with Mosaic last 2015... I did not manage to take the PMI SP immediately after the training due to time constraint. with my work. I did my self revision using the materials 3rd Quarter of 2018 and I pass the PMI SP Exam in my first try last January 2019.
Again, my sincerest thanks.

Regards, Albert R. Abuan, 
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain


Thank you again for your work putting the EVM course together. The feedback from the team has been really positive – interestingly some people felt they got more out of day 1 and others felt they got more out of day 2. I learnt a lot from the discussions and from going over the course content with you.

Kind Regards,
Joel Heath
Technical Manager, Infracorr

Dear Patrick,
Appreciate all the information provided in this course and many thanks for the efforts, Really it was very useful training course for me feel I am standing on solid ground of knowledge in schedule management.

Hasanain Ali Abdulrazzaq

Thanks for arranging the course. I found it excellent, and covered completely new ground, which was a pleasant change from many courses and presentations!

Lynda is an excellent presenter.


I am glad to inform you that last week I presented the PMI-SP exam and I obtained the certificate from the first attempt. Thank you for the professional training and materials you offered me that allowed me to easily pass the exam. Looking forward to enroll with Mosaic center for another certificate.

Many thanks, Nizar Taok.

I have passed my PMI-SP exam. Thank you so much for your help. I enjoy reading your material, and I have learned a lot. In some cases, I can actually apply it in my day to day work.


Awesome material and course put together really well.

Chris M.

Dear Lynda,
A few of the testimonials for the course:
"Course is good for me to handle project."
"Enough to refresh/update the knowledge of project management and earn PDU as well."
"A good event to know how to manage a project."
Several attendees also showed interest in conducting in-house training on the topic. I'll be in touch with you on any possibility of running them.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with you on this event.

Best regards,
Yee Pheng .

Dear Lynda,

On behalf of the conference organising committee, I would like to thank you very much for conducting the Stakeholder Management Masterclass and presenting the keynote. I spoke to a few attendees of both events and they were all happy to have a thing or two to take away with them. They were all content in the professional way you presented and increased their awareness of who the stakeholders actually are and how to communicate with them on a daily basis. The masterclass was more comprehensive with useful tools to identify and classify stakeholders with. I really hope you had a good time and hope our next encounter will be as pleasant.

Kind Regards,
Kosam Nyamdela
Masterclass Lead
NZ Project Management Organising Committee 2015

How to develop an effective schedule:
Dave: Good for both introduction and more advanced schedulers
Erol: Highly recommended course
Jeanne: Good definition of the role of the scheduler, cutting edge scheduling
Craig: Gives you a very strong grounding in the methodology of scheduling

From a recent set of classroom assessment forms...
- Ken: Thanks for the great assistance.
- Brock: The way the material was deliverd really helps with the way I learn. Thank you.
- Andrew: Overall, very good and successful course.

I like this PMI-SP course, the information is well explained and difficult to find in other places.


Good overall, concise, essential info for planning methods and approaches.


Good Morning Lynda,

May I please have a copy of the PDF's from the Stakeholder Management Course? It was such a valuable experience and I have started implementing the practices already.

Thank you.


Thanks for a great, enjoyable and engaging course I see a lot more depth out of the stakeholder management , tempered with a holistic view.

I liked your candid style and attitude. Also thank you for the opportunity to share the people types experiences.


Hi Lynda,

Just wanted to say how great I thought your course was the other week in Perth and to take you up on your offer of PDF slides. My intention is to share my knowledge of your methodology with as many people who will listen and benefit from it within my organisation - so wish me luck!



Hello Mosaic Project Services,
I am happy to share with you that I passed my above-mentioned exam today Saturday 27 July, 2019. I say a BIG thank you for seeing me through every step of the way. I shall forever remain grateful.


To pass or not to pass? That is the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the stings and sorrows of mis'rable fortune or take knowledge into a sea of questions and by answering, end them?

Thanks Pat - Geoff PMP (from Hamlet 3/1 'to be or not to be')

I've just passed PMI-SP last week. I'd like to say thank you so much to you. Your website is the most useful for PMI-SP aspirant, I read & learn a lot from this site. Especially, term and definition for Schedule Model Analysis (etc LOE, Scheduling risk, Date constraint,...). It's really appreciated!
Thanks again for your contribution.

Regards Binh Nguyen

Hi Pat, Lynda,
Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know I finally took the PMP exam today and passed on the first attempt! Although my study had lapsed for a few months I had been reasonably confident until the last week when I focused on using the online Test Simulator. (albeit targeting areas I was weakest in).

The exam fortunately had lots of EVM and scheduling questions which played to my strengths. I personally thought the online simulator was harder than the exam itself. I found your Mentored Email™ course absolutely suited my personal learning style and circumstances. I’m very pleased with the both the process and the outcome. Anyway, I thought you would appreciate the feedback and am happy for you to use this as a testimonial.

Best Regards, Phill

Dear Lynda,

YAHOO! You'll be pleased to hear that I didn't let down your batting average and managed to PASS! I found the Exam REALLY HARD! The first 50 questions took an hour and I seemed to be "Marking" every 2nd one. I did take super quick "Sugar" breaks after every 50 questions (great advice!) But I was STILL struggling to focus on all the scenarios...most questions seemed to be of that style. I picked up a little time in the second half - I just had to decide on answers/guesses FASTER and I finally got some short definition questions. So had 15 mins to review and pressed the EXAM FINISHED button with only 10 seconds on the clock!

The lady in charge (who was lovely!) - said it was vary rare for PMP's not to use the full 4 hours. Anyway, thanks to you and Lynda for the course - I can't imagine any other way of doing this to get a pass. You were able to distill the important issues - so that at least some of that stayed in my brain, and I knew what to try and focus on. Thanks again to both of you for all your assistance in getting me over the line!


Dear Patrick,

This is to notify that I have passed CAPM exam in Moscow and today I received CAPM certificate (CAPM number: 507019).

I'd like to express my thankfulness and appreciation to you and Mosaic Projects for the preparation course and subsequent support.

With warm regards, Oleg Panna
Novosibirsk, Russia

It is with much excitement that I write to tell you I passed my PMP today! The incredible feeling of nervousness and trepidation when I pressed "submit" with just under a minute to go was surpassed by an overwhelming surge of relief when it returned to tell me I'd passed. I'm extremely grateful and thankful for all of the help and assistance you've provided right the way through the course, particularly during the last week and a bit when I've been doing my final revision for the exam.

Your speedy turnarounds to my queries on the weekend were unexpected but very much appreciated. I can thoroughly recommend the Mentored Email™ course to anyone like myself who is not able to commit the time on a set basis to attend classes. It worked for me, greatly aided by yourselves.

Cheers, Gerard

Hi Pat,
Thanks for expertly taking my daughter Salina Riemer your PMP course a couple of weeks ago. She enjoyed it immensely and thought you and Lynda were fantastic (which I told her in the first place).

Best regards, Manfred, PMP

Mosaic managed the delivery of an in-house PMP course for Simplot earlier this year. We found the course to be effective and the training enjoyable and effective.

Sue Chan, Strategy and Program Delivery Manager.

Hi Pat,
Guess what..... I passed the PMP cert exam this afternoon ( currently in process of celebrating as suggested in pre-exam crash course :-) )

Quality course and fantastic online question tools !! I could of not of done it without you, your company and the access to online tools that you have provided. You just never know, we may bump into each other at the chapter meetings :-)

Best and most kindest regards, Brett

Hi Team,
I just want to let you know that I passed the PMP exam today!! I took a 5 minute break when I was at question 100 which was just within the 2 hrs. I finished with just 15 minutes left which I used to review the marked questions, but wasn't able to review all of them.

Then it takes almost a minute to generate the result: Congratulations ....blablabla. I had to read it twice before I realised I passed.

Overall conclusion: it's long, it's exhausting but you can do it if you stay focused and take a break as Lynda advised. Read the question at least 2-3 times. You should be able to eliminate 2 of the options if you don't know the answer. Do not leave questions unmarked as you might have no time left at the end. Just mark them for review.

Advice for preparing for the exam: The Mosaic 100 questions and the exam simulator are extremely helpful to prepare for the exam. Try and do as many questions as you can via the simulator. I did 400 but could have done many more. BTW there were no unexpected questions for me. Keep an eye on the Mosaic handout provided! I would like to thank Mosaic and Lynda in particular for all the information and materials provided. I believe this is a great way to prepare for an exam.

Well done! Cheers Etienne Koot

Lynda and Pat
I have completed my PMP Exam this morning and am pleased to advise I achieved a PASS, with a "Moderately Proficient" in Initiation, and "Proficient" in all other areas. An appropriate time to thank you for your continuous monitoring and advice during the course, and for the occasional encouragement. Clearly the course achieved the objective.

I would recommend the Mentored Email course for anyone who enjoys current employment. This recommendation is substantiated by the simple fact that it is some 40 years since I last sat for a formal exam! My sincere thanks and I trust you share in my celebration

Regards Mike Worth.

Hello Pat and Lynda
I passed!!! Thank you for the great service you provide in preparing for this exam. At first I was really annoyed at the exam focus and the need to do it etc etc, but as I went through the sessions I really got into it – I found great benefit in the detail, in having to remember percentages (for example) – it adds further definition to things I know well in concept. Thank you for the session layout and pace. The sessions are achievable in one study chunk – I would do all of the work on one, then answer the test questions the next day, or later that day. It made it very easy for me to pace the work – as I had chosen a very aggressive schedule.

Thank you also, and most of all, for the prompt service you provide. There is no way I would have been able to work things in a short space of time without that. So I really enjoyed it and thank you. I will certainly speak well of the service you provide.

Regards Sandra

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