Stakeholder Work Sheet

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Stakeholder Work Sheet
$30.00 AUD

Stakeholder Work Sheet

The Stakeholder Work Sheet is a sophisticated spreadsheet based on the Stakeholder Circle methodology designed to manage all of the key aspects of stakeholder engagement including:

  • Identify up to 100 stakeholders, defining their role and understanding both your requirements and their expectations (mutuality).
  • Assessing the priority of each stakeholder based on their power, proximity and urgency.
  • View the key stakeholders in the Stakeholder Circle report.
  • Determining an engagement strategy for each of the key stakeholders to optimise their attitude towards the project.
  • Reviewing and updating the situation at regular intervals during the life of the project or business activity.

This spreadsheet uses embedded macros and is designed for use by one business unit, project or program.
Comprehensive on-line help is available from embedded links in the spreadsheet or simply click through to our help pages.

The SWS bundle includes a free copy of the SoaP word template to assist data gathering.

Your spreadsheet is available as an instant download after purchase plus a link will be forwarded by Email.

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Upgrade to 1000 stakeholder capacity for $20 - see more

Download a Free Demonstration Version

Download a limited preview version of this file with sample data included.
The sample version allows the first 5 stakeholders to be edited, and all of the macros to run.   Download Now