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Casewatch Reports are prepared by
Doyles Construction Lawyers
for additional information see:
Casewatch Index
1001 Kembla Coal Coke v Select Civil & Ors Adjudication
1002 Transgrid v Walter Construction Group 2004 Adjudication
1003 John Holland v Cardno MBK Adjudication
1004 Bourke Road Pty Ltd v Boxster Constructions Pty Ltd Adjudication
1005 Baulderstone Hornibrook Pty Ltd v HBO DC Pty Ltd Adjudication
1006 Hawkins Construction v Macs Industrial Pipework Adjudication
1007 Isis Projects v Clarence Street Adjudication
1008 Tan v Luxury Contract
1009 Barclay Mowlem v Tesrol Walsh Bay Adjudication
1010 Brecon Builders v Ripa Steel Arbitration
1011 Minister for Commerce v Contrax Plumbing & Ors Adjudication
1012 Holdmark Developers v GJ Formwork Adjudication
1013 Digital v QX Australia Adjudication
1014 Brodyn v Davenport (Appeal) Adjudication
1015 Estate Property Holdings v Barclay Mowlem Construction Adjudication
1016 Review of the BCISOP Act 2004 Adjudication
1017 Rickard Constructions & Anor v Rickard Hails & Moretti & Ors Contract
1018 TQM v Dasein Adjudication
1019 Jennings Constructions v Q H & M Birt Contract
1020 Murphy v Acumen Contract
1021 Coordinated Constructions Co v J M Hargreaves & Ors Adjudication
1022 Roche v Metro Contract
1023 Stockland v Coombs Contract
1024 Walter v FTAC Contract
1025 Schokman v Xception Adjudication
1026 Co-ordinated v Climatech Adjudication
1027 Reiby v Winterton Adjudication
1028 Falgat v Masterform Adjudication
1029 Minister v Contrax - Appeal Adjudication
1030 Tolfab v Tie Adjudication
1031 Liverpol v Casbee Arbitration & ADR
1032 Beckhaus v Brewarrina (Appeal) Contract
1033 Cooper v Veghelyi (Appeal) Adjudication
1034 Dunlop v New Garage Contract
1035 Electronic v David Jones Contract
1036 Facade v Timwin Adjudication
1037 J-Corp v Gilmour Contract
1038 Liebe v Molloy Contract
1039 Pavey & Matthews v Paul Contract
1040 Peak v McKinney Contract
1041 Taylor v Brick Adjudication
1042 Taylor v Brick Dept Adjudication
1043 Timwin v Façade Adjudication
1044 Trimis v Mina Contract
1045 Turner v Austotel Contract
1046 Turner v Co-ordinated Contract
1047 Wells v Army and Navy Contract
1048 Lucas v City of Sydney Adjudication
1049 Energetech v Sides Adjudication
1050 Tryhaz v Fielder Arbitration & ADR

Casewatch Reports are prepared by
Doyles Construction Lawyers
for additional information see:
Casewatch Index
1051 ABB Power v Chapple Contract
1052 Air Dynamics v Durham Adjudication
1053 Esso v Southern Contract
1054 Esso v Southern (Appeal) Contract
1055 Perini v Commonwealth Contract
1056 Renard v Minister for Public Works Contract
1057 State of NSW v Coya Contract
1058 Overlook v Foxtel Contract
1059 Kane v Sopov Contract
1060 Glen Eight v Home Building Adjudication
1061 Alcatel v Scarcella Contract
1062 Baulderstone v Qantas Contract
1063 Far Horizons v McDonalds Contract
1064 Hughes v Air Services Contract
1065 John Holland v Majorca Contract
1066 Royal Botanic v South Sydney Contract
1067 Thiess v Placer Contract
1068 Energy Australia v Downer Adjudication
1069 Holmwood v Halkat Adjudication
1070 Pacific General v Soliman Adjudication
1072 De Martin & Gasparini v State Concrete Adjudication
1073 Brookhollow Pty Ltd v R&R Consultants Pty Ltd & Anor Adjudication
1074 Procorp Civil Pty Ltd v Napoli Excavations and Contracting Pty Ltd  Adjudication
1075 Wooding v Eastoe Adjudication
1076 Fifty Property v O'Mara Adjudication
1077 Baulderstone v Queensland Investment Corp Adjudication
1078 Bitannia v Parkline Adjudication
1079 Falgat v Equity (Appeal) Adjudication
1080 Acclaim v Loewenthal Adjudication
1081 JBK Engineering v Brick & Block Adjudication
1082 Abigroup v Riverstreet Adjudication
1083 Queensland v Epoca Constructions Adjudication
1084 Inten Constructions v Refine Electrical Services Adjudication
1085 Cant Contracting v Casella Adjudication
1086 Halkat Electrical v Holmwood Holdings Adjudication
1087 Houghton v Arms Contract
1088 Sweeney v Boylan Nominees Pty Limited Contract
1089 Tsoukatos v Mustafa Adjudication
1090 Rojo v Jillcris Adjudication
1091 Bezzina v Deemah Adjudication
1092 Berem v Shaya Constructions Adjudication
1093 Perum Building Construction v Tallenford Contract
1094 Multiplex UK v Honeywell Control Systems Contract
1095 Katherine v The CCD Group Adjudication
1096 Shorten v David Hurst Constructions Adjudication
1097 Lumbers v Cook Contract
1098 Dualcorp v Remo Contract
1099 Roluke v Lamaro Contract

Casewatch Reports are prepared by
Fitz_Jersey-v-AtlasDoyles Construction Lawyers
for additional information see:
Casewatch Index
1100 Broad Construction v Vadasz
1101 Walton Constructions (Qld) v Robert Salce Adjudication
1102 Zebicon v Remo Constructions Adjudication
1103 Skinner v Timms & Anor Adjudication
1104 Integral Energy v Kinsley Adjudication
1105 Dualcorp v Remo Appeal Adjudication
1106 University of Sydney v Cadence Adjudication
1107 Southern Cross Constructions v Salfa Contract
1108 Strata Plan v Reed Contract
1109 Reed Construction v Dellsun Adjudication
1110 Urban Traders v Paul Michael Adjudication
1111 Reed v Eire Adjudication
1112 Costain v Charles Haswel Contract
1113 Watpac Constructions v Austin Corp Adjudication
1114 Kirk v Industrial Relations Commission Contract
1115 CC No. 1 v Reed Adjudication
1116 Kell & Rigby Holdings v Lindsay Bennelong Developments Contract
1117 2144 Broke Road v ACN 062 859 358 Contract
1118 Haissam Assafiri v The Shell Company of Australia Arbitration
1119 Lanmac v Andrew Bruce Wallace Adjudication
1120 Parsons Brickerhoff v Downer EDI Adjudication
1121 Steel v Beks Adjudication
1122 Hansen & Yuncken -v- Ericson t/a Flea's Concreting Adjudication
1123 Laing O’Rourke (BMC) Pty Ltd –v- Kirwin Contract
1124 John Holland v Walz Marine Adjudication
1125 McGrath Corporation  V. Global Construction Mgmt Contract
1126 Rail Corporation of NSW v Nebax Constructions Adjudication
1127 Denis McFadden v Daniel John Turnbull Adjudication
1128 Machkevitch v Andrew Building Constructions Contract
1129 Precision Coating Services v Building Equipment Services Contract
1130 Spiers Earthworks  v Landtec Projects Contract
1131 Austruc QLD Pty Ltd v Independent Pub Group Adjudication
1132 North Sydney Leagues Club v Syndegy Protection Agency Contract
1133 Leighton v Arogen Contract
1134 Perpetual_Trustee-v-CTC Group (No 2) Contract
1135 Verve Energy -v- Woodside Energy Ltd Contract
1136 McCloy v Manukau Contract
1137 Limin James Chen v Kevin McNamara & Sons Pty Ltd Arbitration & ADR
1138 Crown Melbourne Limited v Cosmopolitan Hotel Contract
1139 Electricity Generation Corporation -v- Woodside Energy Ltd Contract
1140 The Owners - Strata Plan No 76674 v Di Blasio Contract
1141 Koompathtoo Local Aboriginal Land Council v Sanpine Contract
1142 Nazero Group v Top Quality Construction Adjudication
1143 Haridemos v Labathas Contract
1144 Illawarra-v-Denham Adjudication
1145 Mushroom Composters v Robertson Contract
1146 Class Electrical Services v Go Electrical Adjudication
1147 Metricon Homes v Hooper Contract
1148 Liquidated damages - overview Contract
1149 Fluor Australia v Santos Limited Arbitration & ADR

Casewatch Reports are prepared by
Doyles Construction Lawyers
for additional information see:
Casewatch Index
1150 Shade Systems v Probuild Constructions Adjudication
1151 Fitz_Jersey v Atlas Constructions Adjudication
1152 Sanders v Gemmill Homes Pty Ltd Arbitration & ADR
1153 Valeo Construction v Pentas [2018] VSC 243 Adjudication
1154 Southern Cross Electrical v Steve Magill Earthmoving Adjudication
1155 Champion Homes v Commissioner for Fair Trading Contract
1156 Mann v Paterson_Constructions Contract
1157 Stepanoski v Aslan Contract

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