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Arbitration & other ADR

Brown v Smith[2023] QCAT 341
While Tribunals have more flexible rules of evidence than the courts, this decision serves as a reminder that even obvious facts need to be proved with evidence.
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John McDonald Building Services Pty Ltd v Gusa [2022] NSWCATAP 60
This decision confirms and summarizes the grounds of appeal which constitute 'a question of law', particularly in respect of appeals made under s80(2)(b) of the Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2013 (NSW).
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Rinehart & Anor v Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd & Ors;
Rinehart & Anor v Georgina Hope Rinehart (in her personal capacity as Trustee of the Hope Margaret Hancock Trust and as Trustee of the HFMF Trust) & Ors [2019] HCA 13

This case highlights the High Court’s willingness to give a wide interpretation to arbitration clauses, the vital importance of context in the interpretation of arbitration clauses, and to be more willing to send parties to arbitration.
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Sanders v Gemmill Homes Pty Ltd
The WA State Administrative Tribunal has found that both Builders and Owners should note the benefit of the Builder rectifying his defects as often this is beneficial to both parties and is favoured by the Courts or Tribunal.
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Fluor Australia v Santos Limited
The Supreme Court of QLD has recently upheld that the the dispute resolution clauses in the contract should be complied with before Coutrt proceedings can continue.
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Limin James Chen & Anor v Kevin McNamara & Sons Pty Ltd & Anor
Following a dispute between the parties, an Arbitration Award was made in favour of the Defendant and the Plaintiff sought leave for judicial review. The judgement demonstrates the difficulty in appealing the decisions of arbitrators and the alleged errors need to be evident or obvious, rather than arguable.
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Haissam Assafiri v The Shell Company of Australia
This case has reinforced the requirements of expert witnesses in providing their opinions in litigation to ensure the report adequately sets out a logical chain of reasoning in the formation of their conclusions.
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Tryhaz v Fielder
This case confirms the proposition that the Court will not ordinarily interfere with the Referee’s Report and will not ordinarily allow fresh evidence or submissions which could have been made before the Referee.
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Liverpol v Casbee
A party to an arbitration must exercise due diligence by referring a dispute to arbitration without delay. However, for an arbitration to be terminated a party must demonstrate that there has been an inexcusable delay and a serious risk of prejudice, that is by demonstrating the unavailability of witnesses and loss of documents or other sources of information.
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Brecon Builders v Ripa Steel
A breach of natural justice is likely to be committed where an arbitrator decides a major part of a claim without giving the parties fair opportunity to be heard.
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