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This subject looks at the language used in project program and portfolio management. Project management suffers from a lack of precision in the definition of terms. We do not intend to create yet another listing! This subject links to a number of reputable lexicons and vocabularies..

Topics included in PM Vocabulary & Lexicons:

- Links to various Vocabulary & Lexicons

Other related sections of the PMKI:

- Defining Projects and Programs


Vocabularies & Lexicons

ISO Definitions (public dB): Lists (and makes searchable) the definitions of all terms used in ISO Standards:
Use this tool to find the standard definition for a term - you search one definition at a time.

IEC Electropedia:  Contains all the terms and definitions in the International Electrotechnical Vocabulary (or IEV) available at:

PM Connection's Project Management Terms (free):   

Praxis Framework comparative glossary: provides comparisons between terms from the guides listed:

Project Business Glossary
The Project Business Glossary (free): Designed as a reference and for use as an appendix to a contract to help ensure the parties’ common understanding of the language used:

Wideman Comparative Glossary of Common Project Management Terms v5.5:



A course in a book

A course in a book