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This subject looks at the function of program management and how it differs from project management. Basic program management skills are included in Section 2.

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  • Program management: Elements of program management that are different to project management:
    • PMI's Standard for Program Management This Standard defines a set of processes that represent generally recognised good practices in program management.  
    • WP: Program Management. Program management focuses on the coordination of a number of related projects over time to deliver benefits that would not be available if the projects were managed separately. 
    • DP: PWC 4th Global Portfolio and Programme Management Survey: Download the 2014 Report. When will you think differently about programme delivery? 

Program Management
Definition: A program is a group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not available when managing them individually
Program management is an increasingly important organisational concept that focuses on business and strategic issues that cannot be resolved at the project management level.
- WP1002_Programs, outlines the criteria that differentiates programs from projects, WP1022 defines different types of program based on Typology and WP1076 focuses on the Management of Programs.
- Published paper: Understanding Programs and Projects - There is a difference! describes the difference between managing a program and managing a project.

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