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Procurement & Contract Law

"You can tell a lawyer if….. they look at a contract and can instantly tell whether it is verbal or written."

PMP Module 12 + PMBOK® Guide Chapter 12 

These notes are supplementary information that expand on the core information contained in Mosaic's PMP Exam Prep courses. Whilst not central the the PMP exam requirements the materials are intended to add value to our course notes and increase the overall richness of the materials as a project management reference resource. Topics planned for this page include:
Procurement Management

- Resources (Book): Procurement Systems a Project Management Perspective
- The elements included in a Statement of Work (SOW) are outlined in WP1070
- For a discussion on the 'Point of Total Assumption' (PTA) see WP1061

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Claims and Claim Management

The factors needed to establish a viable extension of time (EOT) claim are outlined in a paper presented to the IAMA 2011 National conference: see: Assessing Delay and Disruption. the special case of parallel delays is discussed in WP1064.

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Contract Law
- Resources - Mosaic's Casewatch Legal Summaries
- Effective dispute management is an important part of contract management. WP1049 discusses dispute management in the Australian context.

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WP1024 provides a basic overview of negotiation, mediations and the steps needed to prepare for a mediation or negotiation and touches on the ideas of transactional -v- transformational negotiating.  WP1032 focuses on the implementation on transformational negotiation by applying Win-Win strategies.

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