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The Stakeholder Chameleon – Ignore at your Peril!

"Stop thinking in terms of limitations and start thinking in terms of possibilities."
Terry Josephson

Keywords: Stakeholder Circle, Stakeholder Influence, Stakeholder Engagement, Project Success.

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The Stakeholder Chameleon – Ignore at your Peril! [P031]

This paper presents results from two case studies that clearly indicate that the strategies needed to engage project stakeholder support are different for every project, even when the stakeholders are the same people. The case studies examine a construction project and an ICT project undertaken within the same organisation that effected the working environment of a common group of people.

These case studies used the Stakeholder Circle™ to identify, prioritise and visualise the relative stakeholder influence. This tool implements a methodology that allows any project team to make a meaningful assessment of its stakeholders and understand their relative power and influence. The results of the analysis showed significant differences in the processes needed to manage the respective groups. The project teams recognised they needed to adopt significantly different strategies to achieve stakeholder engagement, leading to stakeholder satisfaction and a successful project.

Authors: Dr. Lynda Bourne and Prof. Derek H.T. Walker.

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