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This subject focuses on defining the different types of program and developing a definition of precisely what projects and programs are.

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Topics included in PMOs (Project, Program or Portfolio Management Offices):

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PMOs (Project, Program or Portfolio Management Offices): Organisational entities responsible for aspects of the support and monitoring of projects and programs within their area of responsibility:
Included in this topic
-  Developing and Managing a PMO  The factors required to create and sustain an effective PMO
-  Setting and using performance targets  KPIs and staff performance.  
-  The management of project controls  Surveillance systems and health checks.
-  Enterprise Tools and systems  Software systems managed by PMOs.   
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PMOs have a high potential to contribute to governence, value creation [see more on governance and value]and the successful delivery of projects and programs, provided they are established and staffed correctly. WP1034 outline the various roles of an effective PMO, WP1080discusses the importance of effective project reviews.   
Blog (Apr 2009): A thought on PMOs and Project Controls

- Paper: Designing a PMO to Succeed and Survive 
- Paper: Establishing an Effective Project Office - The Core Requirements for Success  

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