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Achieving a Successful Engagement

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Keywords: Communication management, stakeholders, communication planning. 

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Achieving a Successful Engagement [P060]

You have sought out the right person, mapped their interests, expectations and passions but is this enough?  Unfortunately probably not!

Identifying, mapping and prioritising a project’s stakeholder community is only the beginning.  Projects will only be considered successful when their key stakeholders acknowledge they are a success.  This requires the project team to effectively engage with each of its key stakeholders to understand and manage their expectations and then deliver to project to meet or exceed the ‘managed expectations’.

Stakeholder expectations are never ‘fixed’; effective communication can help change perceptions and expectations to make them realistic and achievable. Conversely, ineffective communications can create the perception of failure in the mind of a stakeholder even when the project is ‘on time, on budget and delivering the specified scope’.

This paper will identify appropriate strategies and mechanisms to help project managers and team engage effectively and ethically with their key stakeholders to help create a successful project outcome including:
-  Identifying and mapping the ‘important’ stakeholders
-  Communications theory
-  Influence networks
-  Measuring ‘supportiveness’ and ‘receptiveness’
-  Identifying the current and optimum levels for each
-  Planning the communications strategy
-  Using the right messages and messengers
-  Implementing the communications strategy
-  Measuring its effectiveness.

Author: Dr. Lynda Bourne

Presented at:
PMOZ 2007
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