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A Typology of Operational Approaches for Stakeholder
Analysis and Engagement

Statistics: The only science that enables different experts using the same figures to draw different conclusions.
Evan Esar (1899-1995)

Keywords: Stakeholder analysis, Stakeholder engagement, Stakeholder Circle, Communication, Construction. 

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A Typology of Operational Approaches for Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement   [P137]

Stakeholder analysis and engagement are the main tasks in stakeholder management. To identify practical approaches and measure the effectiveness of the approaches for stakeholder analysis and engagement, six interviews and a questionnaire survey were conducted in Hong Kong, and fifteen interviews were held in Australia. A typology of approaches is proposed based on literature review, and these empirical studies.

Two case studies were conducted to illustrate the selection and application of the approaches. Findings from this study show that the success of a particular technique depends on internal and external factors, such as the nature of the project, the resources in the organisation, and the communication environments. Each approach has its strengths and limitations, so the best way to define a practical technique for effective stakeholder management is to use combinations of elements from each method as circumstances dictate. This study contributes to the body of knowledge about stakeholders in the construction industry, especially the practical methods for stakeholder management.

Authors: Dr. Jing (Rebecca) Yang. Deakin University
              Prof. Ping Qi (Geoffrey) Shen, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Lynda Bourne, Stakeholder Management Pty Ltd
              Christabel MF Ho  &  Dr. Xiaolong Xue

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