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CIOB’s Contribution to the Effective Management of Time
in Construction Projects

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Keywords: Scheduling, Planning, CPM. 

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CIOB’s Contribution to the Effective Management of Time in Construction Projects   [P163]

The construction industry’s ability to effectively manage time is getting worse. Despite outstanding examples of successful projects including the Beijing and London Olympics, research by the CIOB has found most complex/mega projects fail to adequately mange time, most finished late and the situation is getting worse over time. The degree of failure seems to be similar regardless of the size of the penalties imposed for late completion and regardless of the form of contract used. CIOB research has clearly demonstrated time is not money and the effective management of time cannot be achieved by measuring cost performance or imposing cost penalties (download a copy of the CIOB report: Managing the Risk of Delayed Completion in the 21st Century [or download the smaller executive summary].

The CIOB development team conculded that the cost outcome on a project is a symptom of two controllable factors:
  -  First how effectively resources are being procured for a project (administration).
  -  Second how efficiently the resources are being used (time managment).

To change the cost outcome you need to change one or both of theses factors and the CIOB Time Management approach is focused on making the most efficient use of the resources actually available to the project to optimise time outcomes which should flow through to affect/improve cost outcomes.  Attempts by management to simply to cut costs, without changing one of the two root causes identified above, starts a negative feedback loop that typically destroys quality and usually leads to increased costs in the long term.

In response to these findings, the CIOB has developed the Guide to Good Practice in the Management of Time in Complex Projects (see more on The Guide) which introduces a range of practical ideas to enhance the effective management of time in mega-projects including:
Implementing the ideas contained within The Guide requires changes in the way projects are managed.  CIOB have a long-term plan to achieve these changes including:
This paper outlines the major advances in the practice of project planning and scheduling introduced by The Guide and give an up-to-date report on current developments in the effective management of time being led by CIOB.

Author:  Patrick Weaver


First Presented to CIOB Shanghai: 6th June 2012
Updated subsequent presentations:
  • CIOB Sydney Centre, July 2012
    (Presentation + 1/2 day workshop)
  • University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesberg, Sept. 2012
  • CIOB Melbourne Nov. 2012 - PTMC Certification launched
Download paper

 Download the Johannesberg paper

Or: Download the Half-Day Workshop Notes

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