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Today's Question:

When stakeholders have different or conflicting objectives this:

A. Should be ignored as the project team focus on delivering to the project charter.

B. Should be encouraged.

C. Can make managing stakeholder expectations difficult.

D. Is helpful as it gives greater power to the project manager.

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Tip of the week: Minor scheduling mistakes to avoid 

The ‘minor mistake’ of ignoring these simple factors will put your project behind schedule before you get started!

1. Load your team leaders less than 100% because they need time to “lead” their teams.
2. Allow time in the initial tasks for ramp‐up and learning curve - no one hit the ground ‘running’ at 100%.
3. Schedule walkthroughs several days after the completion of the draft documents because reviewers need time to review before they can provide feedback.
4. Incorporate holidays, vacations and other non working days into your project calendar before you communicate the dates to your project stakeholders.
5. Schedule the sending requests for access, permission, etc. early because they often require unreasonably long lead times.

We are all familiar with these common problems, but with time pressure to get started, they’re easy to forget! For more on good scheduling practice see:

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