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Today's Question:

The ‘halo effect’ (or the effect of the ‘Peter Principle’) refers to the tendency to:

A. Move people into project management because they have project management qualifications.

B. Move people into project management because they are good in their technical field.

C. Hire people from leading educational institutions because they are seen to be the best.

D. Promote from within.

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Tip of the week: Let the team run the project.. 

There is an incorrect and dangerous notion that project managers should be “superheroes” and must “know it all, do it all.” The complexities of financial, technological, logistical and political components of most projects, it is unrealistic to expect project managers to be the expert in everything. The role of the project manager is to be the expert in managing technical experts and the project team (and allow the domain experts to contribute their specialist skills and knowledge to the project).

The key role of the project managers is to create an environment so that all team members can excel in delivering the project objectives by delegating responsibilities to people best equipped to do the work. This means:
• Letting the team make decisions.
• Letting the subject matter experts resolve their issues.
• Clarifying inconsistencies.
• Facilitating communication.
• Removing red tape and other obstructions.
• Aligning tasks to people’s interests and expertise.
• Providing encouragement and recognising good performance.
• And lastly, ensuring that you and the project team are having fun!

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