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Today's Question:

You are about to begin a new project. Which of the following Resource Types is NOT available in your selected scheduling tool?

A. Labor

B. Material

C. Work

D. Cost.

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Tip of the week: Remember the most important thing to remember in a project 

Regardless of the size of your project, remember that you are managing people - not processes, not procedures, and not the PMBOK® Guide! People will develop the project charter and the project management plan, and collect requirements, define the scope, create the WBS and so on. Given this, you need to take the time to know your project team members. Find out their likes and dislikes. What type of work do they like to do? What motivates them? Do they need detailed instructions, or will a high‐level description of the objective be sufficient? How did they perform on their last project? Most important, you need to treat them with respect. If you take good care of the people in your project, they will take good care of your project.

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