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Today's Question & This Weeks Tip:

Today's Question:

A production process is intended to produce steel bolts with a length of 200mm. The acceptable control limits are 199.55mm and 200.45mm. A series of measurements show the following results: 200.33mm, 199.82mm, 199.95mm, 200.06mm, 199.70mm, 199.68mm, 199.63mm, 199.58mm, 199.62mm, 199.79mm, 199.59mm. What should be done?

A. The process is under control. It should not be adjusted.

B. The process should be adjusted.

C. The control limits should be adjusted.

D. The measuring equipment should be re-calibrated.

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Tip of the week: Proactively prevent project scope creep.  

Prevent undocumented and/or unapproved changes by strictly adhering to fundamental scope management and change request (CR) processes.
• Unless there is an approved CR, do not allow changes on baselined (or approved) documents.
• Ensure traceability between the approved requirements, specification and design through to the delivered product and test for conformance.

Develop a structured change control process. All changes to the approved documents and/or the product should be requested and assessed; then subject to a preliminary approval, designed and estimated. Full approval of the change is based on the estimated impact of the change. Only after formal approval should the working documents be updated and the product changed.

Establishing a collaborative ‘change control board’ including the client, sponsor and project manager facilitates the timely processing of change requests.  

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