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Today's Question:

Which of the following statements is not true?

A. Strategic planning is typically a top down process.

B. Tactical (or short term) planning is typically a detailed process.

C. The strategic plan should align with and support the tactical plan.

D. The tactical plan should align with and support the strategic plan.

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Tip of the week: Distinguish delegation from dumping  

Dumping focuses on you and abuses your people! Delegation focuses on outcomes and empowers your team!! Effective delegation is more than just ‘getting stuff off your plate’ so that you can do bigger and greater things. If done properly, it is an excellent management tool for succession planning, skills development and staff motivation.

Getting rid of unpleasant tasks should never be the primary reason for delegation. Proper delegation provides the persons or teams who will do the work with opportunities to try something different, and perhaps even stretch their limits. If there is no challenge, growth and/or motivation that can be gained from the delegated task, chances are it is closer to dumping than to delegating.

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