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Today's Question:

Rolling wave planning assumes:

A. Planning information is available for some phases in detail but there are gaps.

B. Planning will require the stakeholders to engage with key groups first, then rippling out to more remote groups.

C. Planning is performed for the project, and then as more information is available progressive elaboration is used to adjust and finalise.

D. The team is likely to have accurate and detailed information for the short-term and less information further out.

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Tip of the week: Unlock the key to project success  

“It is one of those acro-whatevers,” said Pooh; but you can use the SUCCESS acronym to remember some of the key steps when initiating and planning a project.

  • Select a dream (receive the project statement of work, business case and contract)
  • Use your dream to set a goal (develop the project charter)
  • Create a plan (develop the project management plan, collect the requirements, define the scope, etc.)
  • Consider resources (estimate the activity resources, estimates the costs, plan the procurements, etc.)
  • Enhance skills and abilities (plan for quality, develop the human resource plan, identify the risks, etc.)
  • Spend time wisely (define the activities, sequence the activities, plan the communications, etc.)
  • Start! Get organised and go (start executing the project)
—From R. E. Allen and S. D. Allen, Winnie‐the‐Pooh on Success (New York: Penguin, 1997)

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