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This subject looks at project and program management training and qualifications, their importance in the current job marketplace, and their effectiveness in identifying competent people.

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Articles focused on training and exam techniques (from our PMP & CAPM website)

Studying for your examination - The Art of Learning. Assimilating the information needed to be successful in the examination is not easy. If you have not studied for a while, we have compiled a list of suggestions that may assist you to get back into the study mode. [View the page]

Exam techniques (for PMI credentials and similar multi-choice exams). Exam techniques are important - this page focuses on techniques to use in the exam room!. [View the page]

The Psychology of Effective Learning. Teaching and learning are interrelated - This page and the referenced reports highlight the most effective learning options. [View the page]

Dealing with PMI's multi-choice questions. Success in the exam requires you to be good at answering questions! But, Simply studying questions and answers will never provide sufficient knowledge to pass your exam!
 -  Questions have a key role to play in the learning process [View the page]
 -  But what you know and what your score is are not the same - see more on understanding your score. [View the page]

Temporary Subject List - this page is being rebuilt:

  • Qualifications: Including project management training and training courses:
  • PMI Credential training - PMP & CAPM  Mosaic's PMP and CAPM training website.  
  • DP: Can a Return on Investment ever be proven from having my staff attend Programme and Project Management training courses? Ways to assess the value of training, APM (UK). 
  • DP: The Value of your PMP Qualification. The real value of a credential to an individual and to an organisation assessing the person for employment.      
  • Art: The value of Project Management qualifications. Salary Surveys, show a steady increase in salaries for qualified project managers and in the USA, Australia and a number of other countries,     
  • DP: PM Credentials in Australia. Project management certification options within Australia  fall into two general categories, competency based certifications and knowledge based certifications based on examination.  
  • Prs: Supercharge Your Project Performance. This paper will explore the phenomenon of the accidental project manager and describe the project management skills needed for success.  
  • Blg: Understanding your PMP Score. The effect of the four options in the PMI multi-choice format and why a score of 55% is definitely in the ‘fail’ category. Use the chart to understand your real level of knowledge!     
  • Art: PMP Questions – getting a second opinion? The value and limitations of practice questions + a list of free question resources.   
  • Blg: PDUs and the PMI Examination Eligibility Requirements. The difference between PDUs and the hours of training required to apply for an examination. 
  • Blg: PMI PDU Update. Updates to the PMI CCR and PDU program effective 1st December 2015.      
  • WP: The Art of Learning (for exams). When presented with a large volume of new information (eg, a PMP course) most of us need to learn how to learn! Some of the easier ways to absorb, make sense of, and retain information are outlined in this paper.    
  • Blg: The Psychology of Effective Learning. Which of the learning techniques work best?  
  • PMI Credential training - PMI-SP  Mosaic's PMI-SP training website.    
  • Prs: Should you certify your schedulers?  A discussion on the pros and cons of scheduling certification and the currently available qualifications.  
  • ArtThe problem with CPM. The problem with scheduling is not the technology, it’s the people - being able to push some buttons to make some use of the tool and understanding the basic fundamentals of scheduling are two very different things.  
    Scheduling Training and Certifications 
    • PMI-SPsm  Scheduling Professional Credential - PMI's credential for professional schedulers.  For more information on the credential and Mosaic's PMI-SP exam prep course options, see:PMI-SP Exam Information & Courses 
    • CIOB (UK) Project Time Management Qualifications - withdrawn by CIOB   
    • 'How To' Develop an Effective Schedule - These workshops are designed to build and maintain a positive stakeholder consensus using the power of pro-active 'dynamic scheduling' to build and foster a strong team commitment. Based on the PMI Practice Standard for Scheduling and the CIOB Guide to Good Practice in the Management of Time in Complex Projects, the workshops focuses on effective schedule planning and control techniques. These courses are designed for people who already know how to use a scheduling tool and wish to move their practice to a more advanced level focused on achieving positive outcomes. The workshops can also form the initial classroom phase for both the PMI-SP and CIOB PTMC Blended exam prep courses.
    • The Guild of Project Controls Scheduling Qualifications - The Guild of Project Controls have announced the development of a scheduling certification structure. For updates visit
    • AACE Planning and Scheduling Professional™ (PSP™) – An advanced credential focused on construction & engineering professionals with 4 to 8 years experience. See:
    • AACE Certified Scheduling Technician (CST) – An credential to give less experienced professionals with 0 to 4 years experience the opportunity to advance their scheduling skills, knowledge, and professional development. See:  
    • The core attributes of a scheduler are defined in:  Core Scheduling Paper # 2
    • Our thoughts on the value of scheduling credentials Should you certify your schedulers? presented at the Construction CPM Conference, Florida, 2012 download the presentation

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