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This subject looks at a the development of the concepts of governance, ethics and integrity from a project management perspective.

Topics included in the Evolution of Governance & Ethics:

- The evolution of ethics and integrity
- The origins and development of governance

Other related sections of the PMKI:

- Modern corporate governance
- Modern ethics and culture

The Evolution of Ethics and Integrity

Blg: The Evolution of Ethics. A brief outline of the evolution of ethical thinking.  

Blg: The Origins of Integrity.  Integrity is a martial word that comes to us from an ancient Roman army tradition.. 

The Origins and Development of Governance

Art: The Origins of Governance. The roots of governance and governing.

Blg: Governance and the Magna Carta. The role of the Magna Carta in defining governance principles.  
Art: Project Governance & Control, The Building of the Crystal Palace. This article discusses the governance processes used to oversight the construction of the Crystal Palace in 1851 and is subsequent sale and relocation.

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