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This subject looks at a the development of the concepts of governance, ethics and integrity from a project management perspective.

Topics included in the Evolution of Governance & Ethics:

- The Evolution of Ethics and Integrity
- The Origins and Development of Governance

Other related sections of the PMKI:

- Modern corporate governance
- Modern ethics and culture
- Personal ethics.


The Evolution of Ethics and Integrity

Blg: The Evolution of Ethics. A brief outline of the evolution of ethical thinking.

Blg: The Origins of Integrity. Integrity is a martial word that comes to us from an ancient Roman army tradition..



The Origins and Development of Governance

Art: The Origins of Governance. The roots of governance and governing.

Blg: Governance and the Magna Carta. The role of the Magna Carta in defining governance principles.

PP: Project Governance & Control, The Building of the Crystal Palace. This article discusses the governance processes used to oversight the construction of the Crystal Palace in 1851 and is subsequent sale and relocation.

This video has more on the history of the Crystal Palace for a general interest perspective:


Three of our early published papers (now retired) canvass the overall issue of effective project governance from the perspective of the early years of the 21st century:
- PP: Effective Project Governance – A Cultural Sea Change! 
- PP: Effective Project Governance – The Tools for Success  
- PP: Effective Project Governance – Linking PMI’s Standards to Project Governance


KPMG reports. This series of reports highlight the importance of effective project, program and portfolio systems in the creation of value. Directing an organization to invest in creating these management systems is a key governance issue:  
- Download KPMG 2002 Survey - Executive Summary
- Download KPMG 2002 Survey - Report
- Download KPMG 2003 Survey - Asia Pacific Update
- Download KPMG 2005 Survey - Summary
- Download KPMG 2005 Survey - Report



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