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This subject underpins all of the others. A strong ethical framework is vital for personal success influencing our actions and decisions. Ethics govern the conduct of a person and are founded on the collective view of a profession, organisation, or society.

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Ethics & Professionalisms
The five dimensions of professionalism are:
 -  Knowledge of project management practice as defined in the PMBOK® Guide and other standards.
 -  Qualifications, achieving the appropriate level of qualification for your role.
 -  Competence to undertake and deliver assignments successfully. The key is knowing your level of competence and then seeking to improve.
 -  Commitment to continuing professional development for both yourself and the overall profession.
 -  Accountability for your actions and decisions based on the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional conduct.
 -  Ethical behaviour is the foundation of effective leadership; WP1001: Ethics and Leadership describes the relationship.
 -  PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct  - Download from:  
 -  PMI's Project Manager Competency Development Framework - Second Edition - See our bookshop

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