The History of Ancillary Project Management Concepts

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This subject looks at a the origins of diverse range of ancillary factors used in PM such as calendars, numbers, and arbitration.

Topics included in the History of Ancillary Project Management Concepts:

- The origins of numbers, calendars and calculations
- The development of general management theory
- The history of dispute management and arbitration

Other related sections of the PMKI:

- The development of Modern Project Management
- Henry Gantt's contribution to management theory 

The Origins of Numbers, Calendars and Calculations

PM History
PP: The origins of the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) calendarThis paper looks at the reasons why days have 24 hours but hours have 60 minutes and why the number of days in each month varies.  The origins of today's UTC go back more then 6000 years! 

ArtAre numbers real? This brief article looks at the origins and some of the irrational aspects of the numbers we use every day.

The Development of General Management Theory

WP: The Functions of Management. The functions and principles of management (H. Fayol, 1916). 

The History of Dispute Management and Arbitration

BlgArbitration has a long history. An outline of the Saxon legal codes used in the Kingdom of Kent prior to the Norman invasion of England.

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