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OPM3 Reference Papers

Cobb's Paradox:- "We know why projects fail,
we know how to prevent their failure - so why do they still fail?"
Martin Cobb, Treasury Board of Canada

Keywords: OPM3, Organizational Project Management, Best Practice.

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OPM3 - An Executive's Guide to OPM3

An Executive’s Guide to OPM3. This five-page, easy-to-read summary about PMI’s newest standard was designed and written with the busy executive in mind. It encapsulates OPM3 at a high level but includes enough detail for the interested reader to understand OPM3’s potential benefits to an organisation.

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OPM3 - The Project Management Institute's
Organizational Project Management Maturity Model.

Presented at the PMI North American Congress in 2003, this paper describes how the Project Management Institute, Chartered the Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3) Project Team, to develop the OPM3 Standard in 1998, and provides an overview of the OPM3 Standard and philosophy.

The OPM3 Standard describes:

OPM3 is not intended to be simply read cover-to-cover. While it can be a powerful reference and development tool, its effective use will require significant thought, digestion, application, analysis, and evaluation. This paper describes OPM3's construct, its components, its architecture, and the basic concept of its operation at the organizational level.

Authors: Steve Fahrenkrog, PMP (Project Management Institute); Fred Abrams, PMP (The Dayton Group); William P. Haeck, PMP (One to One Interactive); David Whelbourn, MBA (Medicsight (UK)).

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