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Integration Management

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This subject covers the work undertaken by the project/program manager and the core team to manage the planning, execution, monitoring and control of work of a project or program in a coordinated way from initiation to closure.

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Topics included in Integration Management:

- Developing the integrated project / program management plan
- directing and managing project / program work
- Managing project / program knowledge, including lessons learned
- monitoring and controlling the project / program
- Project / program change control
- Closing the project / program
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Temporary Subject List - this page is being rebuilt:

  • Developing the Integrated project / program management plan:  
    • WP: Project Definition.  The purpose of project definition is to make sure the project builds the right things by defining the project's objectives. The purpose of planning is to make sure the project team builds them efficiently.    
    • WP: Project Strategy.  One the key early decisions that determine project success is selecting the right project delivery strategy. One-size does not 'fit all'.  
    • Blg: Defining Project Success using Project Success Criteria. Project success can be ephemeral – successful organisations work to define success so they know when it has been achieved!
    • Art: Achieving Real Project Success. There are at least three different criteria for success that can operate independently: Project Management Success, Technical Success & Business Success.          
    • WP: Statement of Work (SoW). A Statement of Work (SOW) is a formal document that captures and defines the work activities, deliverables and timeline the project (or a vendor) will execute against in performance of specified work for a client. The SOW typically forms part of a purchase order or contract but may be attached to a business case.   
  • Managing the work of the project / program:    
    • WPIssues Management. An issue is a current problem that has a quantifiable negative impact on the work of the project, and requires managing.     
    • Art: Understanding ‘Expert Judgement’. Expert judgement is and important concept in many PMBOK processes; this paper explains what it is and how to apply it.  
  • Managing project / program knowledge:    
  • Integrated Change Control:  
  • Close out and lessons learned:  
    • WP: Lessons Learned. The process of gathering and using lessons in a corporate knowledge management context.           

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