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This subject covers aspects of general management and the overall management of projects that are primarily the responsibility of the organisation’s Directors supported by senior executives.

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General Management: The role of governance is to set the objectives and 'rules' for an organisation. The role of management is to achieve the objectives working within the 'rules'.
  • The Management of Project and Program Management:  The management of projects, including the roles and responsibility of project directors and others that manage project and program managers including skills development and support: 
    • WPThe Strategic Management of Projects: Project Delivery Capability. Managing projects describes an organisation’s ability to select, nurture and deliver projects and programs effectively.    
    • WP: PDC Taxonomy. The terms used to describe Portfolio, Program and Project management (a PPP Taxonomy) and their key governance, support and oversight processes within an overall Enterprise Project Management Capability.  
    • PP: The Management of Project Management. This published journal paper and conference presentation define the gaps in current literature and practice then outline the overall framework required by an organisation to effectively manage the management of its projects, programs and portfolios.  
    • WP: Multi-Project Management. The role of a project director; a manager of project and program managers within a functional area of an organisation.     
    • WP: Project & Program Sponsorship. This White Paper focuses on sponsorship, a key element in the successful delivery of projects and programs.  
    • WP: A Project Manager’s Mangers. This White Paper is to look at the three main management processes that support the efficient management of a project; Portfolio management, Program management and the role of Project Directors.  
    • Art: Professional Project Management. Developing the concept of a professional project manager and professionalism in the management of projects.   
    • WP: Enterprise Environment Factors and Organisational Process Assets – The Differences. The PMBOK® Guide defines ‘Enterprise Environment Factors’ (EEF) and ‘Organisational Process Assets’ (OPA) as the two forms of support (and in some cases constraints) the organisation and the wider community provide to assist project teams. 
    • Blg: Is your steering committee costing $5000 per hour?. Effective steering committees work with the project manager and sponsor to help the project successfully navigate the organisational stakeholder environment and resist the urge to interfere in the actual running of the project or program!   
    • See also: Governing the organisation's Project Delivery Capability.   

The overall capability delivery framework needed by an organisation to successfully manage its projects and programs is outlined in WP 1074 - PDC Taxonomy and the various leveld of Project Delivery Capability (PDC) in WP1079 - Project Delivery Capability.  Within this framework, the discipline of Multi-Project Management is discussed in WP1077.

    The critical role of the Project Sponsor in providing active support and guidance to the project is recognised by PMI and is the subject of our Successful Project Sponsorship - The critical role of the Senior Responsible Owner workshop [view course details].

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