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Practical project controls –
the art of getting to ‘Done’!

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.
Albert Einstein

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Practical project controls – the art of getting to ‘Done’!   [P184]

Getting to ‘done’ is the objective of any project, done on time, done on budget and done to the satisfaction of stakeholders.  Most projects fail to achieve this. This presentation looks at the reasons for this failure and suggest a practical framework for successfully getting your projects to ‘done’.  The presentation will canvass:

1.    The importance of properly defining how the work of the project will be done including understanding scope, resources and time management, all of which affect cost outcomes.

2.    The importance of proactively managing the risks and uncertainties that will affect the work needed to be accomplished.

3.    The critical importance of stakeholder engagement and communication in making project controls an effective tool to help the project team successfully reach ‘done’. 

4.    The limitations of project controls (real and imposed) will be highlighted and mitigation strategies suggested.

This practical presentation draws on a number of key resources including:

Author:  Patrick Weaver

Presented at:
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