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This subject looks at the the range of project, program and portfolio management software and tools available to use (many free). A brief description and links to the developers’ web sites are provided.

Topics included in PM Software and Tools:

- Project Management Software and Tools
- Scheduling Software and Tools
      - CPM and Dynamic Scheduling Tools
      - CPM Scheduling books and resources
      - Barchart, Gantt Chart & Diagramming Tools
      - Line of Balance and Time/Chainage Tools 
      - Viewers and Data Access Tools 
      - Schedule Quality & Analysis Tools 
- Cost, Estimating & Earned Value
      - Estimating
      - Project Cost Management
      - Earned Value & Earned Schedule
- Risk Management & Decision Support
     - Project Risk Management 
     - Schedule Risk Management Tools 
     - Decision Support Tools 
- Integrated Portfolio, Program and Project (PPP) Management Tools
- Team management & Collaboration software
- Artificial Intelligence  
   -  AI Discussion
- General project management software
- Construction / Engineering management software
     - BIM software (industry page)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AIThe explosive growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) guarantees AI enabled software will become and integral part of project management practice. As well as adaptations or direct use of generic tools such as ChatGPT many new AI enabled project management tools are being released and established tools upgraded to embed AI in various ways.

Where we have identified an element of AI is included in a software listed on these pages, the flag - AI - is included against the name.  At this time we have not attempted to classify or qualify the type of AI, or how effective it is, given the rate of change keeping the web pages up to date is not feasible.

Project specific Generative AI resources

Apps listed here use large language models (LLM) to answer project management questions and provide project specific information. They are similar to the generic Apps such as ChatGPT, but have been trained on project management documentation and resources which should generate better responses. For more on this type of App see The Evolution of AI

MarvinMarvin - AI - FREE - a collaboration between Projecting Success UK, and Praxis, supported by Mosaic and other IP owners. Marvin has been trained on a wide range of quality project management resources including the Praxis Framework and Mosaic's PMKI (and is largely ring-fenced from generic, often incorrect, data on the wider web.
Marvin is currently in Beta Testing -  

Project Infinity - AI - PMI Infinity is the project manager’s AI-powered learning assistant based on PMI standards and documentation, generated and vetted by the PMI global community of professionals to reinforce and validate your understanding of complex subject matter, and get interactive and detailed responses for a truly unique learning experience:  (PMI members have free access)  - AI - Your AI-powered assistant. is designed around three layers of functionality. The first layer is based on GPT-4's large language models. The second layer constitutes its unique project management layer derived from one of the industry's most comprehensive project management datasets. The third layer, the enterprise layer, allows for incorporating any organization-specific project documents, historical data, methods, and other internal system data. is now avaliable at OpenAI GPT Store:

Chat GPT & Google Gemini - AI - are not project specific, but have been trained on 'all' of the information on the internet. These tools seem to provide reasonable answers to many project management questions and can write credible documentation but will often reproduce incorrect information that has been widely circulated.  How they improve over time will depend on its training/learning capabilities:    


Discussion on AI

Blg: The evolution of AI. AI is not as new as some people imagine. Some of the mathematics underpinning AI can be traced back to the 18th century and many of the fundamental concepts were developed in the 20th, but there was very limited use of AI. The ability to make widespread practical use of AI required the development of computers with sufficient processing capabilities to process large amounts of data quickly. This post traces the evolution of AI over the last 60 years enabled by developments in computer technology. 

AI EcosystemBlg: The Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem. This post looks at the applications that make up the AI ecosystem and briefly outlines what the various terms mean. 

Blg: LLM and Project Management – The Intelligence in AI is limited! This post demonstrates the significant limitations in some LLM applications at the end or 2023. Based on one test, while LLM tools can help save time bringing together information from diverse sources, their training is limited to absorbing information from documents, the next stage of development involving qualifying and grading the data may be a way off. So if you do not know the right answer to a question, you cannot rely on an AI tool using LLM to provide you with a way out.   
Download the full 'chat' with Project Infinity.

Blg: AI is coming to a project near you!. This post summarizes the way AI is starting to influence mainstream project management tools and applications. 

Blg: Critical Path Characteristics and Definitions. The second part of this post looks at the problem of Gen AI systems referencing, and then re-referencing, incorrect information creating a false framework for people. The example is the incorrect use of float to define the critical path. 

Top - AI -        The application includes some elements of Artificial Intelligence, click to see more
- FREE -  Some options are free for a period of time (some tools are completely free)

General project management software

General PMCapterra - Software search system - Free directory of over 300 project management software solutions:

infinitrac - Document and Project Management Platform accessible from anywhere at anytime:

in-STEP BLUE - Requirements and process management system for overall project control:  (Germany)

inSynchro - Integration Manager (IM) provides integration between office systems and scheduling tools, Executive-Eye is a 'C-Suite' dashboard and briefing tool:

Kiwili - Business management software for small businesses (based around ERM and CRM) that incorporates project management, time management and project billing modules:

Method 123 - Project Management Templates, Tools, Forms and Processes, including free papers and a free e-book: 
                     - Online project management software: 

MPMM - Software to help you build, customize and share project management methodologies and Life Cycle tool-sets:

ProjectAI - AI - Helps project managers make sense of people’s collective insights for better project outcomes by using a combination of stakeholder knowledge and intelligent algorithms to identify issues. Use the latest in knowledge management and AI technology to present your critical business data in a way that executives can easily understand … and access in real-time. Enhance risk management, and keep an eye on your project and its stakeholders to predicatively calls out and advise when major issues are likely to derail the project: 

Project Control Pro - A cloud based application that pulls together the various parameters generated by a project onto a common platform to calculate secondary parameters such as productivity and earned value and display all measured parameters next to each other for comparison:

Sensei - Jump-starts that include industry standards and best practices in our cloud-based platforms: 

SHCStakeholder Circle - The Stakeholder Work Sheet is a sophisticated spreadsheet based on the Stakeholder Circle methodology designed to identify, assess, prioritize, and manage the key aspects of stakeholder engagement:

TrueProject - AI - benchmarks your organization's knowledge, behaviors, and processes against a repository of successful and challenged projects. It looks at the people aspects of your project, as well as the process aspect identifying those areas in need of attention: 

Unison Program Management Suite enables your team to easily manage CDRLs and configurations, track and mitigate risks, monitor budget and assess scheduling impacts:    

Week Plan - Priority Planner for Effective People:

Top - AI -        The application includes some elements of Artificial Intelligence, click to see more
- FREE -  Some options are free for a period of time (some tools are completely free)

Construction / Engineering management software

Click through to our BIM page for BIM software

Construction1Breadcrumb - unites all your project management and construction safety programs in one location:

4castplus - a centralized, integrated platform where multiple project disciplines can share workflows and data in the same solution to execute on major construction projects:

Aphex. Builds your lookahead plans from the master schedule links your team and push performance data to your existing reporting workflows:

ARES PRISM - Integrated PPP cost management software solutions providing enterprise project controls software that oversees the complete project management life cycle, delivering dependable estimating, forecasting (EVM), procurement, cost control, and performance measurement:

ConstructMind - AI - Generative scheduling, budgeting, resourcing, and reporting using using the power of AI and real-time analytics:

EcoSys EPC - Enterprise Project Performance Software for Portfolios, Projects, and Contracts:

Elecosoft - Digital construction solutions that address the major parts of a construction project. Combinations of their software products enable 4D and 5D BIM by linking project schedules with cost plans and 3D models to drive greater collaboration and efficiency benefits:

LETSBUILD - Mobile apps for progress reporting in live from site in real time. Document management, Progress and planning (including 'pull planning'), QHSE and overall control and insights:

Hexagon PPM - The asset life cycle solutions for design, construction, and operation of industrial facilities:

INEIGHT -AI - Cloud based software to control and manage your programs and projects, including: schedule, estimating, cost and protect control, document management, scope management, integrated reporting, and integrated 3D modelling:

inTact - A web based tool designed to implement lean construction and last planner concepts based on work areas, trade sequences and standardized cycle times: 

iPlan - AI - Software for the management of maintenance, turnarounds and shutdowns: 

ipmGlobal - Integrated project management and document control software for the construction industry, embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Office 365 Suite: 

ISETIA - Fully integrated project management and document management functionality in one platform. links with ISETIA BIM to create a digital twin: 

Matrak - Materials management software providing an end-to-end digital supply chain. The app makes project drawings interactive and generates a bill of materials to coordinate and track materials, equipment and on-site progress that any stakeholder on a project has access to:

mpower - project cost and performance management system designed and developed for use in engineering, construction, maintenance and operations environments:

Novade - AI - a cloud based next-generation construction management platform to manage HSE compliance, identify safety risks, drive quality assurance, and an integrated site diary to track progress and resources:   

Octant AI - AI - a transformational artificial intelligence approach to improving project performance across multiple financial, time and risk key result areas by combining custom machine learning with actionable insights to provide improved project outcomes:  

Oracle Smart Construction Platform - combines industry-trusted applications with a common data environment and an ecosystem of partners to help owners and delivery teams work together and continuously improve outcomes:  

OnTrackPM - Advanced levels of governance, controls, and visibility for large (construction, facility, or infrastructure) projects: 

PlanGrid - Construction productivity software, access all project information from wherever you are, PlanGrid is a part of Autodesk Construction Solutions, and your single source of truth:

PlanRadar - Digital task management, communication, and reporting system, in one portable mobile app. Collect and report data, connect to other systems, develop schedules, and view data through customized dashboards:  

PMWeb - A 100% web-based enterprise application that provides a powerful, easy-to-use solution for for the entire plan, build, operate lifecycle across a full portfolio of projects:

PROCORE - integrated construction project management software including - AI: - Construction specific option of the Web-based central hub where teams can work, plan, and achieve things together. May be integrated with Google Apps or Microsoft: 

quickbase - An integrated solution to see, connect, and control every detail of complex projects, allowing you to create, connect, and customize enterprise applications:

RIB CCS - An enterprise solution to fast-track digital transformation towards 5D BIM project lifecycle management, and enterprise digitization, The combination of modules enables full cost control, on-site collaboration, and business intelligence throughout the lifecycle of a project, including EVM capabilities, in a 5D BIM Enterprise Construction Cloud:
- RIB Candy: First principles estimating, planning and project controls for the Built Environment.
- RIB CostX: A complete 3D/BIM and 2D Estimating solution
- RIB CX: Collaboration Exchange - web-based real time collaboration tool
- RIB BuildSmart: Full spectrum cost management for all aspects of enterprise cost accounting.

Scenario Enterprise - Brings structure and control to your information, commercial and compliance processes: 

SitePRO Log - Construction Plan Manager, view, draw, measure, add notes & bookmarks. Easy to record certification evidence, project diary & reports, add photos and videos:  

SiteWalker SiteWalker - Export a .xer file from Primavera P6 and load into SiteWalker to give access to your entire team. View the schedule or a unique 'flipbook', map interface on any device. Update status, add notes, and prove it with pictures. Save time by importing updates back into Primavera P6 seamlessly with an .xer file:

STACK - an easy-to-use, all-in-one, cloud platform for takeoff, estimating and proposal:  

SYNCHRO - part of the Bentley suite of software (see also out BIM page). SYNCHRO’S digital solutions increase the visibility, predictability, and productivity of your construction projects, your team can plan and better manage people, materials and equipment more easily and affordably:    

Touchplan - interactive web-based app designed for scheduling construction projects:

Viewpoint - Connecting critical business functions like accounting and project management with field operations using a collaborative and intuitive cloud-based solution:

Click through to see more on Construction Management.

Top - AI -        The application includes some elements of Artificial Intelligence, click to see more
- FREE -  Some options are free for a period of time (some tools are completely free)

Easy EVM

Work Performance Management

Project Charter Template

EVM Work Sheet

Risk Management Plan

Easy CPM

Risk Register

Easy Stakeholder Management

Communication Plan

Work Performance Management

Easy EVM

Easy CPM

Risk Register