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Project Initiation

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This subject covers the work undertaken to develop the concept of a project or program to the point where it can be formally initiated and the project, or program charter approved.

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Topics included in Project Initiation:

- Innovation
- Requirements gathering
- Feasibility studies
- Business cases
- The Project Charter
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- For more on project/program selection and prioritisation
   see Portfolio Management.

Temporary Subject List - this page is being rebuilt:

Project identification / Opportunity identification: Innovation, Front End Loading, viability and feasibility:

  • WP: Feasibility Studies. A Feasibility Study asks the question ‘can we do this?’ it should be a precursor to finalising the business case which addresses the question ‘should we do this?’.  
  • BlgThe failure of strategic planning.  The journey from innovative ideas to the creation of value for the organisation needs guidance and support from executive management.
  • Business Cases: The role of the Business Case. 
    • WP: Developing a Business Case. The Business Case is one of the most critical steps in the Project Life Cycle; it defines the overall value proposition for undertaking the project.  

    Project Initiation & Project Charter: Formal processes undertaken within the portfolio, by the business or client to initiate a project or program.

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