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5-STEPS - Five Steps To Ensure Project Success

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Keywords: 5-STEPS, planning, scheduling, resources, resource levelling, manage for success, project control.

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5-STEPS, Five Steps To Ensure Project Success [P004]

The ‘5 Steps To Ensure Project Success’ methodology is a proven process designed to focus the thinking of the key Stakeholders onto the parameters required to achieve a successful project outcome. The process is designed as a logical sequence of activities (and importantly, agreements) but recognises iterative passes through some of the key steps may be required to achieve agreement.

The five sequential steps are:

The 5–STEPS methodology requires each step to be completed, validated and "signed off" before moving onto the next.

5-STEPS is supportive of, and recognises the overall structure of the PMBOK, but focuses on activities in the key Planning and Controlling ‘process groups’ to develop a realistic schedule and then managing it through to a successful conclusion.

Authors: Patrick Weaver and Brian Doyle

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