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"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got."
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ACOS Plus 1

MPI X-Pert and Manager Microplanner Xpert

Microsoft Project
Open Plan
Pertmaster (risk modelling)
Stakeholder Circle
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Leading Project Management Software Packages

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ACOS Plus 1

ACOS Plus 1 Project Management Power

PLUS.1 delivers the information needed by project managers to keep their projects on time, within the budget, and to optimise limited resources. It has the power to balance and optimise the parameters of the projects in the planning phase. In the update phase advanced functions support transparency and effective control. Some key features include embedded Earned Value Management capabilities and the selective loading of multiproject activities from a pool to allow department leaders to do capacity planning on selected working items parallel with working project managers.  

PLUS.1 is a sophisticated MIS and offers a range of progressive features such as Milestone Trend or Cost Trend Analysis. Sophisticated layout options allow compressed bar chart outputs and combined reports. Read how ACOS is an integral part of the Qantas Defence Services VIPER aircraft maintenance system [VIPER Update 2008].

ACOS Compact Delivers ACOS functionality in a smaller, low cost package.

ACOS Web Expands the power of ACOS Plus 1 making information easily available via the internet.

Visit the ACOS home page at:

For additional information, contact Fallon Project Management at

Or for additional information, visit our [ Scheduling home page ] and our [ Books page ]

FPM Logo

FleetOPS, Fleet Management System

Fleet Planning and Strategic Management system. Developed by Fallon Project Management Pty Ltd.

For additional information, contact Fallon Project Management at

Microsoft Project

The ubiquitous project management tool found in every office. Mosaic's consultants are skilled in the use of all version of Project from 98 through to 2003.

The official Microsoft reference sites for "Project" are:

Mosaic's Microsoft Project training, mentoring and consulting services are designed to make it work for you -

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Open Plan & COBRA

The Deltek range of products include Open Plan, WelcomHome and Cobra.

Mosaic's consultants and trainers have extensive experience in the application and use of Open Plan in a range of business environments.

For additional information-

Or for additional information, visit our [ Scheduling home page ] and our [ Books page ]

MPI X-Pert

Micro Planner X-Pert
Micro Planner Manager Microplanner  

MPI X-Pert and MPI Manager support Activity-on-Arrow (ADM) and Precedence (PDM) networking, with probably the best network diagram interface of any tool.  The tools offer sophisticated resource modeling, resource analysis, progress tracking and Earned Value capabilities. X-Pert’s power is delivered via a user friendly graphical interface with default settings for all key functions. This allows each user to work with only those areas of the system needed to optimise control over their project, minimising the learning curve. As skills develop or project requirements change, additional features can be brought into play to maintain full control, enhance reporting and optimise outcomes. Micro Planner X-Pert supports 15,000 operations, 100 subprojects can integrate many concurrent projects. Micro Planner Manager is limited to 1500 operations per project and supports 5 subprojects. 

Visit the MPI web site for additional information: Microplanner Xpert + Microplanner Manager or Microplanner
Email: ]
Or for additional information, visit our [ Scheduling home page ] and our [ Books page ]
Read more on the history of Micro Planner - 1987 to 1988



Pertmaster works stand alone or as an integrated component of a Primavera or Microsoft Project planning system. Its key features include:-

Go to [Mosaic's Risk & Risk Management papers / references]


Mosaic's staff and contractors have extensive experience in the implementation and support of Primavera solutions. Our Primavera training, mentoring and consulting services include:-

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FPM Logo

VIPER - Aircraft Maintenance Management System

VIPER is a sophisticated aircraft maintenance management system used by the Australian Defence Forces and a range of commercial aircraft maintainers. It integrates maintenance data, timesheet data and hangar floor reports; using sophisticated data integration and management techniques, to deliver an integrated management and control system. Since its introduction, VIPER has generated cost savings in excess of 30% for the ADF’s deep level maintenance programs.

VIPER integrates the prudential processes needed to ensure every aircraft servicing is 100% complete with an effective scheduling and management control system. Earned Value Performance Management is a central component of its project management and control mechanisms. It complies with and uses the concepts of Earned Value described in AS4817 in a very effective and efficient manner. As implemented in VIPER, almost all of the data needed for the Earned Value calculations and reports are sourced from information already residing in the business systems. Powerful and effective reports are generated quickly and easily.

Members of the Mosaic team have been closely involved with the development of VIPER over many years. A detailed paper discussing the evolution of VIPER and the business benefits delivered to its users is in the 'Resources and Papers' section of this web site [View the VIPER Paper] and the [2008 VIPER Update].

For additional information contact VIPER's developer, Fallon Project Management Pty Ltd or Mosaic:

For additional information, visit our [ Scheduling home page ] and our [ Books page ]

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