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This subject covers the processes involved in acquiring goods and services from outside of the performing organisations.

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Topics included in Schedule Management:

- Plan, manage and control the procurement processes
- Contract Administration
- Basic contract law
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- TBA.



Temporary Subject List - this page is being rebuilt:

Procurement & Contract Administration: The management of project documentation from a procurement and contract perspective:   
  • Procurement management:  
    • WP: Statement of Work (SoW). A SOW is a formal document that captures and defines the work activities, deliverables and timeline a vendor will execute against in performance of specified work for a client.     
    • WP: The Point of Total Assumption. Calculating the point above which the seller effectively bears all the costs of a cost overrun on a fixed price ‘incentive fee’ (FPIF or FPI) contract.  
    • Prs: Stakeholder Relationship Management in the Supply Chain. This paper outlines the critical role stakeholders play in the operation of an effective supply chain and suggests a range of techniques to enhance stakeholder relationship management capabilities.    
    • Art: There are no free steak knives! The way offers are framed can be designed to distort buying decisions - beware of 'free offers'.        
  • Document management and Administration :  
    • Prs: Time management -v- Contract administration. This paper defines the standards by which project schedules should be prepared, quality controlled, updated, reviewed and revised in practice to effectively manage time. And contrast this with the static approach to scheduling defined in most contracts.  
  • Contract Types, Management and Law:  Including managing contract claims and issues. For technical aspects of valuing and assessing disputed values see 'Forensic Analysis'.

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