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"His priority did not seem to be to teach them what he knew,
but to impress upon them that nothing, not even... knowledge, was foolproof."

J.K. Rowling (from the Harry Potter books)

These White Papers are part of Mosaic's comprehensive index of project management references developed to support our PMP training courses. The information is organised in our primary PM reference system by:
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WP Number Title PMP Knowledge Area
- White Papers in context -
WP1001 Ethics and Leadership Professional Responsibility
WP1002 Differentiating Programs from Projects Key Concepts
WP1003 Reliability and FMEA Quality Management
WP1004 Lessons Learned Integration & Change Management
WP1005 Project Definition Project Initiation Processes
WP1006 Strategic Alignment Project Initiation Processes
WP1007 The Stakeholder Cycle Communication & Stakeholder Management
WP1008 Social and Emotional Intelligence Human Resource Management
WP1009 Presentation Skills Communication Management
WP1010 Writing Skills Communication Management
WP1011 WBS Scope Management
WP1012 Active Listening & Effective Questions Communication & Stakeholder Management
WP1013 Problem Solving Professional Responsibility
WP1014 Leadership Professional Responsibility
WP1015 Risk Assessment Risk Management
WP1016 Schedule Density Time Management
WP1017 Portfolio Management Key Concepts
WP1018 Developing a Business Case Project Initiation Processes
WP1019 Defining the Project Charter Project Initiation Processes
WP1020 Timeboxing Time Management
WP1021 Line of Balance Time Management
WP1022 Defining Program Types Key Concepts
WP1023 Benefits and Value Project Initiation Processes
WP1024 Negotiating and Mediating Procurement & Contract Law
WP1025 Multiple-Activity Charts Time Management
WP1026 EEF and OPA – The Differences Key Concepts + Project Initiation Processes
WP1027 Feasibility Studies Project Initiation Processes
WP1028 The Art of Learning Obtaining your PM Credential
WP1029 Requirements Traceability Matrix Scope Management
WP1030 The Value of Trust Professional Responsibility
WP1031 Project & Program Sponsorship Project Initiation Processes
WP1032 Win-Win Negotiating Procurement & Contract Law
WP1033 Corporate Governance Project Initiation Processes
WP1034 PMOs Key Concepts
WP1035 Relationship Driven CPM Time Management
WP1036 Momentology Time Management
WP1037 Probability Risk Management
WP1038 Strategic Planning Project Initiation Processes
WP1039 Project Planning Project Initiation Processes
WP1040 Venn Diagrams Quality Management
WP1041 Managing Conflict Professional Responsibility
WP1042 Outputs, Outcomes and Benefits Project Initiation Processes
WP1043 Defining the Critical Path Time Management
WP1044 Systems Thinking Professional Responsibility
WP1045 Methodologies Integration & Change Management
WP1046 Process_Improvement Integration & Change Management
WP1047 Risk Management Risk Management
WP1048 Motivation Professional Responsibility
WP1049 Dispute_Management Procurement & Contract Law
WP1050 Critical Chain Time Management
WP1051 Cost Estimating Cost Management
WP1052 Duration Estimating Time Management
WP1053 Decision Making Professional Responsibility
WP1054 Personal Time Management Professional Responsibility
WP1055 A Project Manager’s Mangers Professional Responsibility
WP1056 Competency  Human Resource Management
WP1057 Types of Risk Risk Management
WP1058 Complexity Theory Professional Responsibility
WP1059 Schedule_Compression Time Management
WP1060 Rolling Wave Planning Time Management
WP1061 Point of Total Assumption Procurement Management
WP1062 Ranking Requirements and Selecting Projects Project Initiation Processes
WP1063 Depreciation Cost Management
WP1064 Concurrent and Parallel Delays Time Management
WP1065 Page Layout & Design Communication Management
WP1066 Communication Theory Communication Management
WP1067 Facilitation Professional Responsibility
WP1068 Data Gathering & Brainstorming Professional Responsibility
WP1069 The innate effect of Bias Communication Management
WP1070 Statement of Work (SOW) Procurement Management
WP1071 Defining Requirements Project Initiation Processes
WP1072 Project Size and Categorisation Project Initiation Processes
WP1073 PPP Governance (Project) Key Concepts
WP1074 PDC Taxonomy Key Concepts
WP1075 Managing Meetings Communication Management
WP1076 Program Management Key Concepts
WP1077 Multi-Project Management Key Concepts
WP1078 Organisational Change Management Key Concepts
WP1079 The Strategic Management of Projects (PDC) Key Concepts
WP1080 Proactive Project Surveillance Key Concepts
WP1081 Earned Value Formulae Cost Management
WP1082 BIM = Building Information Modelling -
WP1083 Valuing Stakeholder Management Communication Management
WP1084 Governance & Management Systems -
WP1085 Root Cause Analysis Quality Management
WP1086 Standard Operating Procedures Quality Management
WP1087 Understanding PERT -
WP1088 14 point DCMA assessment -
WP1089 Issues Management Integration & Change Management
WP1090 Effective Explanations Communication Management
WP1091 The Art of Delegation Human Resource Management
WP1092 Measuring Project Performance Key Concepts
WP1093 Project Controls Key Concepts
WP1094 The Functions of Management -
WP1095 Understanding Power and Authority -
WP1096 The Functions of Governance -
WP1097 Understanding the use of  TCPI in EVM Cost Management
WP1097 V&V = the Verification and Validation of Deliverables Quality Management
New White Papers are being continually added

Published Magazine and Web Articles
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#2 Attributes of a Scheduler Download PDF
#3 Dynamic Scheduling Download PDF
#4 Links, Lags & Ladders Download PDF
#5 Schedule Float Download PDF
#6 Schedule Levels Download PDF
#7 Schedule Calculations Download PDF
Discussion Papers
#1 Thoughts on Agile Download PDF
#2 The Value of your PMP Qualification Download PDF
#3 Who are your Chapter’s stakeholders really? Download PDF
#4 PM Credentials in Australia Download PDF
#5 Consumer Protection Laws in Australia  Download PDF
#6 Definition: Construction Management (CIOB) Download PDF
Supplimentary Papers
#1 Governance #1 Download PDF

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These White Papers deal with matters of a technical nature in general terms only and should not be relied on for specific advice.
Readers should contact Mosaic Project Services Pty Ltd or their advisers for specific information or advice before acting on any of the matters, services or products discussed or referenced by the White Papers.

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