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PMP Module 1 + PMBOK® Guide Chapter 1 & 3

These notes are supplementary information that expand on the core information contained in Mosaic's PMP Exam Prep courses. Whilst not central the the PMP exam requirements the materials are intended to add value to our course notes and increase the overall richness of the materials as a project management reference resource. Topics planned for this page include: 

Allied Disciplines
This topic focuses on the allied disciplines to project management including:
 Portfolio Management, Program Management and PMOs.
The overall capability delivery framework needed by an organisation to successfully manage its projects and programs is outlined in WP 1074 - PDC Taxonomy and the various leveld of Project Delivery Capability (PDC) in WP1079 - Project Delivery Capability.  Within this framework, the discipline of Multi-Project Management is discussed in WP1077.
PMOs have a high potential to contribute to governence, value creation [see more on governance and value]and the successful delivery of projects and programs, provided they are established and staffed correctly. WP1034 outline the various roles of an effective PMO, WP1080 discusses the importance of effective project reviews.  
Blog (Apr 2009): A thought on PMOs and Project Controls
- Paper: Designing a PMO to Succeed and Survive
- Paper: Establishing an Effective Project Office - The Core Requirements for Success 

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Portfolio Management
Project portfolio management provides the capability to effectively select, prioritise, and oversight an organisations project and programs to optimise value. WP1017, Portfolio Managment provides an overview of  Portfolio Managment.
- PMI The Standard for Portfolio Management 2nd Edition is available free of charge to PMI members as a non-printing PDF
     For instructions on downloading the PDF see:
- Annotated links to web resources for portfolio management see:

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Program Management
Definition: A program is a group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not available when managing them individually
Program management is an increasingly important organisational concept that focuses on business and strategic issues that cannot be resolved at the project management level.
- WP1002_Programs, outlines the criteria that differentiates programs from projects, WP1022 defines different types of program based on Typology and WP1076 focuses on the Management of Programs.
- Published paper: Understanding Programs and Projects - There is a difference! describes the difference between managing a program and managing a project.

- PMI The Standard for Program Management 2nd Edition is available free of charge to PMI members as a non-printing PDF
     For instructions on downloading the PDF see:
- Annotated links to web resources for program management see:
- View details of the PMI PgMP (Program Management Professional) examination.

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The PM Knowledge Framework
- Blog (Apr 2009): PMBOK -v- Methodology  (More on PM Methodologies)
- Free web resource: a PMI licensed, Visual PMBOK® Guide – 4th Ed. The site uses information design and adult learning principles to give students a companion to the PMBOK® Guide and its 600+ concepts. The enhanced paid version adds questions and links to web resources. See:

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Project Management Definitions
his topic focuses on the question 'What is a Project' and other key definitions
- Paper:
Project Fact or Fiction (Will the real Projects please stand up!)  
- Blog (Mar 2009): De-Projectising IT Maintenance 
- Blog (July 2010): Defining Project Management Terminology

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Delineating Projects
This topic focuses on understanding the limitations of project management and the various types of project (see more on project typology).
- Blog (Mar 2009): De-Projectising IT Maintenance

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Project Typology
This is not really a subject for the PMP exam but is important in the general management of projects in an organisation. Understanding the type of project you are doing is essential to establish the right sort of project management processes to achieve success.
- Blog (Apr 2009): Projects aren’t Projects
Blog (Apr 2009): Projects aren’t projects - Typology
Blog (Apr 2009): What is a project??????  

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Enterprise Environmental Factors

Enterprise Environment Factors (EEF) are the physical and cultural and environment constraints you have to work within to successfully deliver the project. The differences between EEFs and Organizational Process Assets (OPAs) are discussed in WP 1026.

The overall relationship betwen project deliverables and the creation of organisational value are discussed in WP1078.

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