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Communication ≠ Engagement

The premise that we can’t measure what matters is the most realistic starting point for management.
Henry Mintzberg

Keywords: Communication, Engagement, Stakeholders, Senior stakeholder engagement. 

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Communication ≠ Engagement   [P170]

Social media and web technologies have made broadcast communication in the 21st century easier then ever, but communication does not equal engagement!

Project success requires the key stakeholders, including senior executives and the sponsor to be actively engaged in support of the project objectives. Engagement requires mutuality, a robust relationship built on empathy and trust, plus credibility and leadership to bring different stakeholder viewpoints into alignment to assist the work of the project. (See more on credibility)

Effective communication is the tool that facilitates the building of relationships and engagement but this type of communication is focused, personal and two-way. As a consequence, the project team need to invest significant time and effort in these key communication channels. The challenge is identifying the right stakeholders and the right messages to communicate ‘at this point in time’.

This paper demonstrates the importance of senior stakeholder engagement for project success and then suggest practical options to:

Authors: Lynda Bourne &  Patrick Weaver 

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