Practical Project Risk Management

Overview and Learning Objectives.

This workshop is designed to introduce project leaders to the theory and practice of practical project-based risk management, using Mosaic's Risk Register and Risk Management Plan (Excel templates).

Attendees will work through a case study applying practical risk management theory to develop a project risk register and a project risk management plan in sufficient detail to allow the effective management of risk during project delivery.

Who should attend: Project and program managers, project owners and senor team members.

Attendees will be provided with free copies of Mosaic's Risk Register and Risk Management Plan (Excel templates) and a comprehensive set of course note and references to additional resources.

Risk Management Training

Course Outline - 1 Day

  • Introduction & housekeeping
  • Course plan and objectives
  • Mosaic’s Risk Management methodology
  • Step 1: Identify
    • What is risk (and opportunity)
    • Planning for Risk Management
    • The process of risk identification (Case study)
  • Step 2: Prioritize
    • Qualitative Risk Analysis
    • Quantitative Risk Analysis
    • Prioritizing the case study
  • Step 3: Visualize
    • Methods for mapping risks
  • Step 4: Respond and Manage
    • Development of a Risk Response Plan
    • Reporting Risk
  • Step 5: Monitor
    • Factors that affect identification and management of risk and opportunity
    • Risk Reviews
  • Course Wrap-up

Workshop Details

This course includes an in-depth analysis of a case study using Mosaic's Excel templates to develop a Risk Register and a Risk Management Plan.

Risk RegisterRisk Register. A practical Excel template for identifying and prioritizing the risks associated with a project or program (see more).

Risk Management PlanRisk Management Plan. A practical Excel template for pro-actively managing the risk treatments outlined in the risk register (see more).

The course can be adapted to use either a practical case study from your business or one of our standard cases.

Modules and Options

The basic workshop can be adapted (or extended) to include modules focused on a range of significant risk issues including:

Managing the different types of risk: Different types of risk need different management approaches and only some can be calculated. See: Types of Risk.

Using Monte Carlo and PERT: Introducing uncertainty and three time estimates for each activity increases accuracy. See: Predicting Future Project Outcomes The power of uncertainty.

Interfacing risk and EVM: Based on Interfacing Risk and Earned Value Management, published by the Association for Project Management UK. This module is also part of our Earned Value workshop and EVM Mentored Email Course.

Understanding probability and averages: Understanding probability is central to the analytical methodologies used to determine the probability of events occurring (or not occurring) that allows contingencies to be calculated based on mathematical certainties. See WP1037: Probability.

Also available as a short Executive Briefing session.

If you have other needs we are happy to discuss developing modules from our extensive range of risk management resources.


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